Pro Tip: The Look Of Love

It can hardly have escaped your notice that tomorrow is Valentines Day. Hearts and flowers are filling the shelves and restaurants are cashing in with special menus for the occasion. As you may have guessed I’m not overly sold on the whole commercial Valentine’s thing but I know that for some it’s a big deal – we’ve all been there, so who am I to be a killjoy?! ;)

In previous years I have focused on lips (getting your lips in tip top condition, my favourite red lipsticks and some valentines inspired product suggestions) so this year I’m leaving lips well alone and sharing some hints and tips on making the most of your lashes instead.

Perfect lashes can really make the most simple or minimal of eye make-ups pop and it isn’t always necessarily to use false lashes. Many people don’t get on with false lashes or simply struggle to apply them but never fear,

Regardless of whether you are celebrating Valentines (on the day or at any other time) or simply just want some lash inspiration, here are some sure fire ways to make your eyes to smoulder – without the use of false lashes…

Make sure you thoroughly remove any residue eye make-up – especially mascara! I’m not teaching you to suck eggs but old mascara will gather along the lash line; this is great if you are rocking a V-Day smokey eye but not so good for a barely there finish.

Lash curlers are great for giving the illusion of bigger eyes and are the first step in executing the perfect lash. Regular lash curlers will do a perfectly good job (myself and pretty much every other Make-up Artist I know swear by the Shu Uemura ones) but heated curlers will curl your lashes more easily and the curl will hold longer (you also don’t risk pinching your lids!). I’ve always used Japonesque heated curlers but there are others on the market. If you don’t have a pair of heated curlers then gently warm your regular ones with a hairdryer and then use them as per usual – just don’t burns your lids!!*

Before you coat your lashes get your tissues at the ready and carefully remove excess product from your mascara wand. This will not only prevent clumps of mascara making their way onto your lashes but also you overloading your them; it is easier and better to build up a number of thinner coats than correct over lacquered lashes.

Always begin by applying a light coating of mascara to the top side of the upper lashes before moving on to the underside. Starting at the base of your lashes, wiggle the wand from side to side to coat before sweeping along the remaining length. This will help coat all of the lash, not just the tops and bottoms.

To help prevent your lashes from dropping, apply more mascara to the base of the lashes than you do to the tips (using the method above). By finishing with an outward wiggle of the wand (if you get my drift), the lashes are angled slightly outwards and this will give them a lovely upward sweep.

If you want voluminous lashes but only have a mascara which gives a natural finish then dust or press a little translucent loose powder (such as W3ll People Realist X) over your lashes between coats. This will bulk out and add texture to the product and gives the additional coats something to grip on to.

If is worth remembering that the way you hold your mascara wand will influence the final outcome. Holding the brush horizontally is great for creating voluminous lashes but If you want a natural finish, consider holding the brush vertically and running the tip of the brush along the length of the lash.

An alternative method (and one I generally favour) is to apply the mascara using a mini fan brush – simply decant some mascara onto the back of your hand using the wand and then use the mini fan to apply. I use a Louise Young LY53 or a Bdellium Tools Studio 731. It takes abit of practice but if great for getting right to the base of the lash and gives a really lovely, natural finish.

To remove any clumps and bumps and to separate the lashes, comb through the lashes with a spoolie or lash comb whilst the mascara is still wet. I suggest doing this after the second coat and then finishing off with a final light coat to set them in place.

Quite a few mascara hints and tips there. What are your tricks for the perfect lash?

i have previously written a few posts on my favourite mascaras, so if you are looking for lash coating inspiration then check out these links… Top Five Black Mascaras; Top Five Brown Mascara; W3ll People Coloured Mascara; Dr Hauschka Natural MascaraEssential Care Organic Mascara; Neal’s Yard Remedies Lengthening Mascara and Green People Volumising Mascara.


* I take no responsibility and you do so at your own risk.

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