My Eco Adventures

With a lifelong passion for make-up and all things green… Not a good mix – until now…

Growing up on a small-holding in rural Suffolk with parents who instilled ethical and ecological values from an early age, I am passionate about organics and the natural alternatives to mainstream products. Increasingly concerned by the ever increasing list of toxins in cosmetics, nearly ten years ago I decided to clean up my professional make-up kit and began the hunt for natural and organic products that were viable alternatives to the traditional brands. 

I had tried organic and natural make-up myself off and on for a number of years but had almost always been disappointed with the quality; chalky and flat with very little choice in texture or colour – that would briefly sum up my thoughts on clean make-up pre 2008 (a very generalised date that is by no means accurate). Fast forward to today and there have been enormous technological advancements in green beauty, products are better in quality and texture, more varied in colour and finish and wear so much better.

My beauty kit has pretty much been given a complete green overhaul, however my film and tv kit still has a way to go; in some areas it will be quite a while before there are suitable alternatives on the market. That said, it is getting there and I am forever discovering products that fit the bill and gradually replace their conventional counterparts. There are now some fantastic brands out there who’s products truly work and are able to stand shoulder to shoulder to the big brands.

By integrating natural and organic cosmetics fully into my kit I want to show that eco make-up is not just for the slightly alternative amongst us, but it is what the future could be.

With many more roads to travel, why don’t you follow my adventures and see where it takes you…?

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