Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist… (Pablo Picasso)


The opinions expressed in this blog are entirely my own and I am honest in what I write. I am a freelance Make-up Artist and am NOT affiliated with any company or brand, therefore I remain impartial and unbiased.

Unless otherwise stated, the products reviewed have been purchased by me. On occasion I am sent products to try, however I will always state if I have been sent a product. As a matter of principle (and time) I will not review any product that I do not like or use in the course of my work as a Make-up Artist, regardless of whether I purchased it myself or was sent it.

PR / Product Enquiries

I am a PR friendly blogger. If you wish to send me a product to try please contact me via twitter @OrganicMUA or email me.

I will happily try any product that I am sent providing it fits with my natural and organic ethos. I generally (but not exclusively) write from an industry perspective (i.e. how a product performs in my kit), so will usually only write about products that I like in this respect. I don’t believe in spending my time writing about things I don’t particularly like (life’s too short) so if a product you send me don’t work for me/my kit in any way, I simply will not include it on this blog however I will give you honest feedback via email. Please do not be offended if your product if not featured.


I do not have sponsored links, posts or advertisements on the blog as I do not wish to be seen to support or be affiliated to any particular company or product.

As a professional Make-up Artist I use a wide variety of brands and products. Although the brands I use in the course of my work produce many excellent products, there are some products within ranges that I do not like and will not use, therefor advertising them would be dishonest and I wish to continue to remain impartial.

To avoid embarrassment (yours not mine), please do not ask me to advertise your brand or product.

Copyright & Comments

The images used in these posts have either been taken by myself or have been used with the consent of the company or Photographer concerned. Please do not use any of the images taken by myself for commercial purposes without first contacting me. Any of my own images that are used must link back to this site and be credited accordingly.

I reserve the right to delete or edit any comments that could be deemed offensive to either myself or others.

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