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Back after my little break and I/m kicking off with one of the last in my A-Z brand series and the letter S…

Who Are They? Sante are a German brand who’s history stretched back over 40years
Eco-Credentials: BDIH and Natrue certified natural products formulated using ingredients for organic farming, many vegan options
The Products: For a natural brand Sante have a pretty wide range of products with formulation variations within most areas. I really like the range of shades which although isn’t huge, seamlessly combines sophisticated colour with natural, flattering shades. As with many natural brands the base shades for darker skin tones is sadly non-existant.
Favourite Products: I love the Sante Nail Varnish and they used to to a fab range of children’s face paint (both of which have featured on here) but otherwise I’ve not used a huge number of products from the range. Due to them not being readily available in the UK, they aren’t a brand which springs to mind very often however haven taken a fresh look at the range for the purposes of this post, I will definitely be giving some more products a whirl!!

Who Are They? Founded by Emmy nominated (for Reefer Madness) makeup up artist JoAnn Fowler, Sappho Organics came about in 2008 (renamed Sappho New Paradigm in 2016) and has been used in many a film and tv make-up room since.
Eco-Credentials: Formulated using organic ingredients, free from silicones, vegan friendly and cruelty free, packaging is recyclable and biodegradable.
The Products: A pretty comprehensive range of products which cover a good range of skin tones. The range of shoes in each predict type isn’t huge but all are wearable and flattering.
Favourite Products: I have only tried the original eyeshadows and foundation and really liked both, so it would be interesting how the new range performs.

Who Are They? Launched in 2011, Studio 78 Paris is a french make-up line which was the brainchild of Margareth who at a young aged discovered she was intolerant to many of the products she would borrow from her mothers dressing table.
Eco-Credentials: Certified organic by Ecocert, many vegan products, free from GMO, Parabens, phenoxyethanol, silicones, PEG, synthetic perfumes and dyes, animal-derivates ingredients, cruelty free, packaging is biodegradable and recyclable.
The Products: The range of products isn’t huge but it is quite varied and certainly has some interesting options (such as the Bi-phased water foundation). The range of shades is small with just a few options for each product but all are very pretty indeed.
Favourite Products: I really like the Studio 78 products I have tried, including the We Evade Bronzing Powder which featured on here a couple years ago. There were stocked in Content until a couple of years ago and I’ve just rediscovered them over at Henna Herbals so will be giving more of the newer products a go.


Images: (1) LJS – OMUA; (2) Sante; (3) Sappho New Paradigm; (4) Studio 78 Paris

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