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Halloween being just a week away, excitement is building and fancy dress and face painting is at the forefront of my mind (a bat being the costume of choice this year for the youngest member of the OMUA household). A few years ago I wrote a piece about the concerns raised by The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics about the potentially harmful ingredients* found in many of the face paints available on the market.

The ingredients in mainstream face paint still concerns me so I always opt for the safest possible – both in my kit and at home, this means of course I have worked my way through quite a few Eco paints over the last few years.

If you are looking for a safer alternatives then here are my Top Five suggestions for eco face paints…


Sante were my go-to brand for Eco face paints however I believe they have now sadly been discontinued. Produced in two formulations; cream and pencil, if you can get hold of them then they are definitely worth a punt. The rich cream formulation is available in eight shades and the pencil in six. Super easy to apply and they wear pretty well if powdered.

You can read my Sante post here and here.

26-016_elegant_minerals_halloween_face_paint_party_animalElegant Minerals (v)

I came across Elegant Minerals by chance during a idle browse of the webshop Etsy and had to give them a whirl. A dense mineral based formulation with a waxy texture, Elegant Minerals face paints are available in fifteen shades. On the negative side, they aren’t super highly pigmented on application but they do wear pretty well and can be built up. The other minus point for me is the inclusion of Phenoxyethanol, otherwise they are pretty good ingredients wise.

My Elegant Minerals post can be read here.



This is the one collection In my top five which I have yet to try (I have them on order and sadly they didn’t make it in time for this post). Namaki face paints are available in a variety of themed sets such as Wild Animals, Magical Worlds, Horror Show and Rainbow. The sets, which contain either three or eight shades are designed to inspire and contain enough paint to create a number of faces. The paint is made from 99% natural and 10% organic ingredients and is housed in super cute biodegradable packaging. Will let you know how I get on when they arrive!

 Natural Earth Face Paint

I initially found these in my local toy shop and was immensely excited (they are well on their way to being my new favourite Eco face paint). Like the sante paints they are richly creamy however the eleven shades more densely pigmented and vibrant. Formulated using 70% organic ingredients, Natural Earth Face Paints are based on natural clay and mineral pigments and include super norishing Shea butter and castor seed oil.


Vegan Faces (v)
The final inclusion in my Top Five are the jojoba oil based face paints from Vegan Faces. These fifteen, slightly muted shades are probably the least pigmented of this bunch of brands however they can be easily blended so let your imagination run riot!

* the document produced by The Campaign for Safer Cosmetics can be found here – Pretty Scary

Have you tried any of these cleaner alternatives?



My daughters first attempt at face painting when she was 21 months old – Laura Jane Sessions – Organic Make-up Artist
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