From The Vault: Sante Nail Polish – Magnolia Red

The weather has started to feel significantly more Autumnal of late and so the result of this months rummage through the vault of posts past is perfect as we look to incorporate warmer, autumn shades into our make-ups.

SANTE Nail Polish in No.18 Magnolia Red is a beautiful deep brick red. With a high shine finish, the coverge is full and it goes on really easily, drying within minutes – perfect if like me you are a little on the impatient side (excuse the sloppy image below)… The colour wears well with no loss of shine or impact and will stay on for a good few days without chipping or lifting (activitity dependant of course).
One of twenty wearable shades, Magnolia Red has to be one of my favourites from the range, which is predominantly made up of classic pinks and reds.

We all know that nail polish is full of toxins but Sante are one of the good guys and these nail colours are not only free from the big three nasties (Toulene, Formaldehyde and Dibutyl Phthalate) but also from Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor!

*       *      *

I still love this polish and it will no doubt be having an outing very soon as my desire for more muted or warmer toned polishes increases as the days grow cooler. Its the perfect autumn shade and I managed to coordinate it it beautifully with the grapes I was eating onset this week and with the glass of something I also consumed that evening ;)

I’ve been searching around the net but can’t seem  to find anywhere which has it in stock (at least in the UK), which leads me to fear that it may actually have been discontinued; I have managed to track some down in Australia but maybe not the most practical option for many. Sorry to be the barer of bad tidings…

Have you got a favourite autumn nail polish?

Images: LJS – OMUA

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