New Additions: Winter 2014

I have accumulated quite a lot of products over the last couple of months; I haven’t been actively looking to but it has just happened. Here’s what’s new…

Weleda Mother and Baby Box
We all love a beauty box and this was a real find. Back in October British Beauty Blogger Jane Cunningham mentioned this Mother and Baby box available from All Boxed Up. The box contains a selection of skin, hair and baby products including some old favourites such as Skin Food, Calendula Weather Protection Cream, Citrus Body Oil and White Mallow Face Cream and a few that are as yet untried; Rose Soap and all of the hair products.
The contents is worth over £105.00 but is (still) available for £20.00 plus £3.99 packing and postage – what a bargain! I am actually thinking of buying another…
Green People Lip Products
Natural Lip Crayons – £12.95 each
These were kindly sent to me by the Green People team and they have proved to be a hit. The pencils are rich in Shea butter and Baobab which gives them a nourishing, creamy finish and makes them a delight to use; going on easily without drag.
Sangria is a rich burnished red; Praline (my personal favourite) neutral matte earthy tone and Blossom (probably my least favourite of the three but very pretty) is floral pink with a hint of shimmer.
Green People also included the new Enrich and Enhance Lip Primer (£12.95) and a handy dual pencil sharpener (£3.50) – you can never have enough pencil sharpeners in my mind and [like tweezers ] I am forever loosing them!). I have yet to use the primer on anyone other than myself however it is easy to apply so I am looking forward to seeing how it performs.
I have had my eye on Sappho for a while however until very recently it was unavailable in the UK (to avoid excessive shipping costs and environmental impact I try not to order from abroad whenever possible). A couple of weeks ago I came across a website selling a number of the Sappho products in a sale so decide it was the perfect time to try them out.

Liquid Foundation in Creme Caramel
I have been unable to find a company in the UK who supplies sample sachets of the liquid foundation so I was a little reluctant to spend on a full priced bottle only to hate it/it be the wrong shade. Thankfully the foundations were in the sale, but sadly the only colour available was Creme Caramel (the darkest tone). Knowing that if I liked it it would be in my kit anyhow the shade didn’t really matter (although applying it to my own fair skin was interesting..)

Having tried one foundation I would really like to try other shades in the range as it went on beautifully and was incredibly light to wear.

I think I may finally have found a challenger to my favourite eyeshadow brand Couleur Caramel – I utterly love these shadows! Initally I purchased Pick Purple on a whim, just to try it out and was bowled over by how lovely it was; suffice to say I promptly ordered four more!

Pick Purple is a highly pigmented, vivid purple; Dream is a yellow toned ivory; Chambrelle is a pink ivory; Midnight Escapade is black and Costal, a matte mid/dark brown.

Following last weeks From The Vault post, you may be aware that there is now only one stockist of terre d’Oc in the UK (Henna Herbals), so a few weeks ago I decided to see if any of the old stockists had any remaining stock in their sale departments. I stuck lucky and managed to get my hands on the following…
Kohl Eye Crayon in Orissa Grey – £13.95 (where full price)
If you read last weeks post then my love for these kohl’s will not have gone unnoticed. This soft grey is beautiful and although it wouldn’t have been my first choice I am so glad I have it; it’s such a flattering shade.
Powder Eyeshadow – £12.95 (where full price)
I managed to find a couple of powder eyeshadows too: #504 Cuivre Irise Kanpur is a shimmering light copper; Not heavily pigmented but very pretty and #505 Noir eclat Almora is a stunning coal black shot through with sparkles – utterly beautiful!
I picked this bronzer up on whim really (£14.99 in the Pure-Cosmetics sale) but boy am I glad I did – I love it! It isn’t any of the things that I hate about bronzer: it’s not orangey, not shimmery, doesn’t have massive chunks of glitter in… It is beautiful subtle and is very similar to the alva Skincare Baked Bronzing Powder but without the shimmer. Well worth taking a look at if you like a subtle bronzing.
My Louise Young Brushes are the most prized of my (somewhat extensive) brush collection. I can quite honestly say that I love every one of them. Louise was my make-up tutor nearly twenty years ago and is now a dear friend of mine and she very generously gave me a few items from her new collection when I visited her recently, including…
Mini Powder Puffs – £11.00 for 10
These are just the cutest things: Miniature powder puffs only slightly larger than a 10pence piece.
What are they for..? Besides applying loose powder these are super handy for another reason. When you are doing people make-up it is very easy to smudge an unset base when you are touching up around the eyes or lips. These puffs help combat that; simply slip one onto your little finger and use it as a pad to cushion against the face and voila! no finger marked in your un-powdered foundation. Genius!
You cannot imagine how soft this brush is. Imagine the hair on the tummy of a long coated cat gently tickling your face… This is the only way I can describe the hairs on this brush. Sublimely soft.
Designed originally for applying loose or pressed blusher and powder, Louise told me that she also found its’ small head meant that it also came in handy for contouring under the cheek bones when she was working on the X Factor final – top tip!
As I am sure you can imagine there are a number of posts coming up in the next few weeks that include many of these new additions, so if you want to know more about them please keep reading :)
Have you tried any of these products?
* This is not suitable for vegans
Images: Laura Jane Sessions – Organic Make-up Artist
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