Top Five: Lip Colours for Summer 2018

I meant to post this ages ago but it got overlooked and has been sitting uncompleted in my draft posts folder. I would normally August would be a little late to consider putting out this kind of post but as the weather shows no sign of abating I thought ‘what the heck’… ;)

During the summer I tend to wear less make-up than at any other time of year. Not being a lover of the heat, I can’t bear my skin feeling suffocated in the summer and so I tend to avoid wearing anything beyond my usual skincare and an SPF unless I’m going to work or to a special occasion or event.

here are my top Five lipsticks for (whats left of) Summer 2018…

The Orange Reds

Super summery, orange red shades are the perfect way pep up a summertime make-up; it adds zest and relaxed colour without looking too over-done or serious. They particularly suit people with a warmer undertone to their skin. My picks this summer are the intense Blood Orange Matte Lip Crayon from Bite Beauty ($24.00) and RMS Red one of the relatively new bullet style lipsticks from RMS Beauty (£30.00). Finally if you don’t mind the 1980’s classic by Salt-n-Pepa echoing around your brain as it did mine then Push It from Ilia Beauty (£22.00), a bold, punchy-red coral satin lip crayon.

The Classic Reds

Who doesn’t love a classic red lip? A colour which never really goes out of fashion, a classic red is the epitome of glamour. Here are my three favourites this season. Couleur Caramel’s Deep Red (£15.00) is a shade which is a long time staple of my pro kit (I was actually torn between this one and their True Red for this post) whilst one that is on my wish list is the KW Red from Kjaer Weis (£44.00) an almost universally flattering shade which was inspired by their classic redlacquered packaging. Last but not least is the beautiful Cherry Tart from Odylique (£18.00) which unlike the other two has a pretty sheer finish so perfect if you can’t quite get your head around a stronger red.

The Flamingo Pinks

Flamingos are pretty eye catching birds, so a lipstick inspired but this long legged wader is most likely not for the feint-hearted. I’ve plumped for three of the best pinks that shout out loud and proud. Gin Fizz Amuse Bouche lipstick from Bite Beauty ($26.00) is a gorgeous light orchid pink and the deeper toned Bright Pink from Couleur Caramel (£15.00) are top of my choices with Absolution’s Rose Franc (£24.00) making up the third.

The Lilacs

After its introduction back in the autumn, lilac toned lips are still on trend – for now at least. Personally I don’t find this the most wearable of the summers looks but I know one or two people who love it, so for their benefit, here are my three. Budget friendly Burts Bees Tulip Tide (£9.99) is one option whilst Ruiha from Nui Cosmetics (£27.00) which along with Ilia Beauty’s Lip Conditioner in Kamikaze (£26.00) offers more high end options.

The Mirrored Gloss

I admit to not being the biggest lover of gloss but this summer a super glossy, mirrored finish is big news and there are some fabulous green beauty options. Top of my list is the utterly gorgeous Prismatic Pearl Crème Gloss from Bite Beauty ($22.00) available in eight shades there is something for everyone. Next up are the Phyto Pigments Sheer Glosses from Juice Beauty (£23.00), these are available in two natural shades. Finally is the Vapour Beauty Elixir Plumping Lip Gloss (£18.70), the most natural of the three but with six beautiful shades.

Whats been your favourite sumer shade?


Images: (1-6) LJS – OMUA

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  • Mirjam

    The colours look georgeous. Which lipsticks are shown in the pictures? Especially like the picture of lilacs, the gloss and the pink (actually I like all of them :-))ReplyCancel

    • Organic Makeup Artist

      Haha! Thank you :) Actually I don’t think any of the images depict the lipsticks Ive mentioned just similar ones.From top to bottom: Clementine (Bite Beauty), Deep Red and Bright Pink (Couleur Caramel), Abaca-Bam (Lippy Girl) blended with Neon Angel (Ilia Beauty), Clear lip tar from OCC blended with Sparkling Foam gloss (Couleur Caramel)
      I hope this helpsReplyCancel

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