Heatproof Your Make-up

Over the past couple of weeks summer has been out in force here in the UK and although its been fantastic to see a bit of sun, these heady temperatures aren’t too good for make-up. To help combat the melting, I thought I should revisit and update a post which I wrote way back in 2013 (I still remember writing it – time has flown!), full of hints and tips on heat-proofing your make-up. 

To coin a phrase, your face is a canvas and the Skincare products you use can have a massive impact on the longevity of your make-up, especially in the summer months; so make sure you choose your products wisely. Before applying any make-up take a look at your skincare and swap out anything that may not be suited to warmer weather.

Steer clear of the heavy creams and apply a lightweight moisturiser so you don’t have too much slip on your skin, especially if your skin is a little on the oily side. Don’t forgo the moisturiser completely though as your skin still needs some hydration!

SPF is one product you definitely shouldn’t forgo when the sun comes out to play. Make sure you either use a product which has a built in SPF or a stand alone sunscreen; if you’ve gone for the latter then apply your sunscreen after moisturising and before your make-up.

Whilst my personal approach to make-up application is generally from the less is more school of thought, I understand that many can’t bear to be without a full face of make-up and whilst I don’t necessarily think it is the best thing for your skin when its hot outside, I appreciate that for some its a integral part of themselves so hopefully this covers all the bases.

Primer is your friend if you like a full face of make-up. Applying a light coverage of primer and allowing it time to set will help your foundation stay put on a hot day. I suggest looking for products which contain nourishing, hydrating ingredients to ensure your skin has a moisture-rich base. I suggest Juice Beauty Photo Pigments Illuminating Primer* (£40.50) or Inika’s Hydrating Pure Primer (£29.50) – this was the first product I ever wrote about; both contain Hyaluronic Acid which is highly hydrating so plumps the skin and diminishes the appearance of fine lines.

If you are going down the primer/foundation route then the trick is to apply thin layers of  your products. Working them well into the skin using a buffing or dual fibre brush (or similar) will help ensure longevity of wear.

If you prefer a lighter coverage then opt for a BB or CC (or DD) Cream. These usually contain an SPF which will give you much needed protection from the suns rays; Im a massive fan of the Green People DD Cream (£36.00) and Balance Me BB Natural Protection (£26.00). You could also consider using a loose mineral foundation; this can be built up to your desired coverage and has a natural SPF.

A loose powder is great for setting make-up and for the odd touch up but when its really warm you need to keep on top of the shine then it may not be the best option. If you are prone to being a little shiny, don’t keep caking on the power, simply blot your skin with blotting pads and this will absorb the excess oil. Jane Iredale (£2.99) and Nurturing Force (£11.95) do great blotting papers and both are frequently found in my kit.

The natural oils on your eyelids can mean eyeshadow doesn’t last as well in warmer weather, so if you can avoid wearing eyeshadow and instead focus on eyeliner. A gel eyeliner rather than a liquid will make your eyes more water-friendly and last longer when the heat is on – I suggest Pacifica Smolder Lining Gel (£15.49). If you do wear a shadow then powder products are better in the heat as they last longer. To improve wear then try applying a cream eyeshadow under a powder shadow.

Waterproof mascara is the best option for the summer months but sadly organic formulations are non-existent. Try using a natural one instead, like the BWC Waterproof Mascara.

Powder blushers can sit dryly on the surface of the skin (and can even show track marks if you get particularly sweaty). Cream blusher hold up better and will melt onto the skin and will give a much more natural finish, if you are worried about the staying power then add a very (very) light dusting of translucent powder on top of the cream blush; the aim being to set and not to mattify! I love Kjaer Weis Cream Blush (£41.00) is one of my favourites as are the Vapour Beauty Aura Multi-Use Sticks (£31.00). If you really need longevity of wear or have particularly oily skin then Gel blush is another option (Ere Perez do a good one). It works as a stain, so you get long lasting colour – beware though, it’s all to easy to end up resembling Aunt Sally with over zealous application!

When it comes to lips its just as important to keep them hydrated as it is your skin. There are loads of great lip balms out there but recently I’ve been using the Weleda Tinted Balms (£6.95) and SW Basics Organic Lip Balm ($4.00) In terms of colour, Lip Stains have the edge over glosses and lipsticks when it comes to longevity. The Ere Perez Lip and Cheek Tint (£18.50) comes into play again here too; a great two-in-one travel product if packing light!

Hydration Sprays are a good way to help you stay feeling fresh in the summer, they not only cool you down and hydrate your skin but are also great for setting and refreshing mineral make-up. More about these in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned.

Do you have any summer favourites?


*contains phenoxyethanol


Images: (1) Alexisnyal via Flickr; (2)(3)(4) LJS-OMUA

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