Blotting Paper

As a Make-up Artist one issue that you are constantly battling on set is shine. Powder and mattifying products are part of every kit, but many mattifiers don’t work well when applied over existing make-up and applying layer upon layer of powder will simply clog up the skin and looks terrible on High Definition. So what do you do?

Jane Iredale Blotting Papers

Made from organic flax seeds, these Blotting Papers easily absorb excess shine. Suitable for all skin types, the papers can be used throughout the day with no build up or residue.

A practical and ideal addition to a make-up kit, the discreet business card style metal case will withstand the battering that kit contents generally receive. Refill packs can be purchased for the case so there is no unnecessary waste.

Priced at £9.99 for a full compact and £2.99 for the refill packs, the papers are available online from Beauty Time Therapies

Organic Flax Seeds

Images Courtesy of: Jane Iredale
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