Nurturing Force Blotting Paper

Technology is moving on apace and I need to keep abreast of the changes as what I do can be heavily influenced by the technologies being used on a shoot.  First there was I’m finding that more and more frequently the productions/shoots I’m working on are being shot in 4K (ocassionally referred to as UHD or ultra HD).

With 4K I have discovered that the trick is most definitely to keep make-up to a minimum as much as possible. The detail you see is immense and under such close scrutiny and so if applied too heavily products such as powder and concealer can look cloggy on camera, especially around the eye area. This can be problematic when working with actors and presenters who sweat or bead-up quite heavily and although I don’t consider myself to have a particularly heavy hand when it comes to make-up application however I am still conscious of potential product build up. So what to do…

I have been using Nurturing Force Facial Blotting Paper (£11.95) to help combat oiliness/shine on set for the last year or so and it has become a key part of my kit and a must have in my set bag.

The handmade paper is made from a blend of Abaca Fibre pulp (plant fibre) and NBKP Soft Kraft pulp (tree fibre). It contains no powder or lint fibres (which can be a bugger to get out of stubble!) and is free from synthetic ingredients and Parabens (its vegan friendly too).

The paper works by absorbing the oil when it it rocked and patted over the surface of the skin. It I s much more maliable than other papers I have used and is incredibly smooth and much less crispy, making it much more comfortable on the skin and easier to control.

Unlike other with other brands, there are no pesky sheets to faff round with. The paper comes in the form of a small roll housed in a sturdy little dispenser which has a serrated edge so you can just tear off just much as you need whilst the remainder is protected and kept clean and hygienic – Perfect for those times when one sheet just isn’t enough! You also get a lot of paper for your money; in fact you get a whopping 8.8metre continuous roll (that’s 29 feet for those of you who prefer to work in imperial measurements)! 

There are three variations on the Nurturing Force papers. Aromatic Rose paper is infused with Bulgarian rose oil and is meant to uplift the spirit, whilst Fragrant Lavender releases a calming aroma (the dispenser also encapsulates the paper preserving the scent of the oils). For those averse to essential oils or are concerned about using them on clients, the Pure paper is unscented.

Do you use Blotting paper to remove excess oil?



Images: LJS Organic Make-up Artist

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