What’s In The Box!? My Hair Kit

I principally see myself as a Make-up Artist however my job more often than now often does involve hair too – styling not cutting. Whilst I don’t have the same love of doing hair as I do make-up (not even close!), the cleanliness of the ingredients in the products I use is equally as important. With this in mind I thought I would revisit an idea I had about six years ago and share some aspects of my pro kit. First off my hair kit – if only because it happens to be the bag sitting in front of me at this moment!

My hair kit has always been to the best of my knowledge cruelty free (that goes without saying) however the transition to a cleaner hair kit started a little later than my beauty kit (which has been ongoing for about twelve years now); primarily because Good quality, natural hair products were harder to find!

As with make-up, hair products are a very personal thing; what works or is liked by one person doesn’t mean it will do the same for another. It is (in my opinion) also harder to style hair so that looks good on screen with ineffective products than it is with to make a face look good with make-up of an equally poor quality.

So why do I bother with green hair products? The principle is exactly the same as with make-up – both in my kit and in my own bathroom. Mainstream hair products more often than not include less than desirable ingredients such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), silicones and phthalates. These are all ingredients I try to avoid in my skincare and make-up products so why wouldn’t I avoid them in my hair products too?

Whilst I may not generally have been putting the products in my kit on my own hair I spend my days with my hands in other peoples hair; spraying and moulding it to create the desired look. By default I was exposing myself to these potentially harmful ingredients on a daily basis and so it made sense to clean up my hair kit too.

Since I started to transition my hair kit about eight years ago, I have discovered some great brands and although my kit still isn’t totally natural/organic, the products I find myself turning too most frequently pretty much are.

Yarok, Intelligent Nurtients and Giovanni all make regular appearances in my pro kit in one form of another but they aren’t my favourites. The clean hair brands I find myself returning to time after time are Less Is More and John Masters Organics, with the latter being the first natural hair brand to make a regular appearance in my kit.

One brand which will be familiar to many of you is British company Paul Mitchell. I’ve used them for years! This vegan friendly collection may not be as clean as some of the other products in my kit but they are free from sulphates and parabens and the bottles are predominately pump action rather than aerosol.

Here are some of my pro kit hair favourites:

John Masters Hair Pomade (£20.00) – a solid oil which is great for taming flyaways and tidying men’s hair

Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine Super Spray (from £37.60) – sometime you just need hair to be rock solid!

Less Is More Lindengloss Finishing Spray (£26.00/£7.50) – reduces frizz and adds a little gloss to the hair

John Masters Green Tea and Calendula Conditioning Mist (£24.00) – if you want a light, leave in conditioner. I use this a lot on Afro and mixed hair

Less Is More Lavender Smooth Balm (£22.00/£7.00) – a beautifully scented Balm for smoothing and protecting hair before you use straighteners

So there we are. A brief overview of my hair kit. It is still a work in progress and I have yet to find a very good heat protecting spray which isn’t in an aerosol… suggestions on a postcard please!

What are your favourite hair products?


Images: (1,2) – LJS – OMUA


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  • Mirjam

    Very interesting blog! I am also looking for cleaner hair products and like you said, hair is very personal because of all the different textures. I really like what Josh Rosebrook does. Very good products, reviews are raving, but quite expensive unfortunately. I don’t know if he has a heating protection product, I’ve used shampoo, conditioner (both very good), a sort of moulding wax (my husbands likes that one too and he never likes products in his hair(!) and now a sort of texturising spray, which does what is says..ReplyCancel

    • Organic Makeup Artist

      Thank you :)
      I’ve just started using the hairspray from Josh Rosebrook actually. Liking it so far but as you say they are pricey.
      Good to hear more about the other products in the range though
      L xReplyCancel

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