Skin + Tonic Beard Oil

PHOTO-8-562x731This post is technically a hair post (not something I generally cover in this blog), however it does fit very neatly into my Male grooming category, so lets give it a whirl…

Facial hair care is something I deal with as part of my work. Taming and teasing beards and moustaches (as well as hand laying false hair and applying lace facial pieces – but this is for another day) is all part of the job when it comes to Male Grooming.

Skin+Tonic Beard Oil is a product which has worked its way into my kit in recent months (in order to add a little va-va-voom to the facial attire of some of the talent I work with) and also one that has also made it’s way onto the bathroom shelf at home.

Apply a small amount to damp beards, working it into the hair from root to tip; It can also be used as a shaving oil. A single use of this light oil will give the hair a bit of a sheen however prolonged use (which my partner’s facial fur has been subject to for some time now) leaves hair softer, less prickly with healthy shine.

Certified by The Soil Association, Beard Oil contains 100% organic ingredients; Argan and Thistle oils are fast absorbing and soothe irritated skin – thus relieving the dreaded beard itch. They also feed and strengthen the hair, giving it often much needed moisture. Rosemary and Cedarwood essential oils give the oil a woody scent which is akin to walking through an amped-up pine forest; refreshing and a little invigorating!

Not being a beard wearer myself, I can’t comment on how it feels on repeated use (I’ve only tried it on my skin), however I can assure you its effects make a difference… ;)

Skin+Tonic Beard Oil is priced at £16.00

Skin+Tonic are an independent London (UK) based skincare brand founded by Sarah Hancock after being diagnosed with Endometriosis. Assisted by boyfriend Josh, Sarah began cooking up products in her kitchen and the range quickly grew. Certified organic by The Soil Association the range is created using (where possible) small, local producers.


You can find more on Beard Oils here.



(*Denotes certified organic – The Soil Association)
Vitis Vinfera (Grapeseed Oil)*, Chatham’s Tinctorius (Thistle oil)*, Arganil Spinosa (Argan Oil)*, Cedrus Atlantica (Cedaerwood Essential Oil)*, Rosmarinus Officianalis (Rosmary Essential Oil)*


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