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Last year as a result of my bid to reduce the amount of disposible kit essentials I use, I wrote about some organic cotton cleansing pads which I had integrated into my kit. These pads were/are great (I still use them in my kit) however they weren’t perfect so over the past few months I’ve worked my way though a fair few brands whilst trying to find the perfect pads and I think I finally have.

The Luxury Cleansing Pads from Cheeky Wipes (£6.95/12.95) are the nicest cleansing pad I’ve found to date.

The wipes are double sided and fabricated using a plush minky fabric on one side and a textured bamboo viscose on the other. Roughly 11cm in diameter they are a good size; not so small they are fiddly or so large they are unwieldy. They are great for removing make-up from larger areas and gentle enough to use on the eye area.

Available in packs of five or ten, the pads come in four pretty designs inspired by nature: blue/grey trees, grey birds, pink dragonflies and birds and blue dragonflies. I currently have three of the designs in my kit (a handful of which are pictured above) which not only looks pretty but is perfect if I need to allocate certain pads for certain people (something I may do if I’m on a shoot).

As with the other reusable pads I generally wash these in a 40degree wash however every some often I run them through a hot wash (for hygiene reasons) and then drip dry – they dry super fast (I have run them though the tumble drier on occasion and it dorms’t seem to hurt them). I store them in a washable mesh bag (I get mine from the pro make-up store PAM) and have a separate dirty bag for used pads and other washables (I also use washable microfibre cloths for brush cleaning).

Have you tried reusable alternatives to everyday beauty items?


Images: (1,2) LJS – OMUA

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