Top Five: Taupe Eyeshadows

I love taupe eyeshadow. It’s one of those shades that just works for myriad of looks. It’s not the cool kid, it’s the one that in the plate always looks a little unappealing in the palette. It is however, a master/mistress of disguise…

Hidden behind that somewhat drab exterior is a flattering shade which makes for a softer twist on a conventional black/grey smokey eye. Generally a little warmer than your tradional greys making it ideal for those with fairer skin tones.

To clarify, Taupe (toap, torp, the jury is out in the pronunciation – I’m in the latter camp) is tradionally grey with a hint of brown, however there are variations on the theme. Purple, blue, gold, silver are all colours found in varying degrees in some taupes, including some of the ones listed below. If one taupe ain’t for you then try another because you can guarantee it will be different.

Here are my top five taupe eyeshadows…

Kjaer Weis – Wisdom (£32.00/£20.00) (GF)

Wisdom was my first eyeshadow purchase from Danish eco luxe company Kjaer Weis. A shadow which in the pan appears to be a fairly neutral grey/brown but it is shot through with a purple hue and a slight purple shimmer which looks fabulous. Its a super flattering shade which looks great on fair to medium skin tones and adds a twist to a conventional subtle brown smokey eye.

Lily Lolo – Miami Taupe (£6.50) (V)

A lovely wearable neutral loose shadow with a satin finish. Described as Smoky Taupe with slight shimmer, Miami Taupe is a strange one. The colour looks somewhat like wet cement (for want of a better description), however on the eye it seems to migrate between having a slight purple sheen to a slight bronze one to a silver one… Odd but lovely ;)

RMS Beauty – Tempting Touch 73 (£19.00) (V, GF)

Part of the recently released Swift Shadow Tempting Touch collection, TT-73 is a deep taupe shade which is a lovely deep neutral.  With a slight bronze/gold metallic sheen and a light reflective finish it looks great on and can be used

Vapour Beauty – Nightfall (£19.00) (GF)

The only cream product in my lineup – and the only matte. Nightfall is a stunning soft grey/brown (more brown than grey) with a hint of purple (which it seems is a popular undertone in taupes). Rich and creamy, it goes on a blends like a dream and looks great on all skin tones.

Alima Pure Pearluster – Taupe (£14.00) (V)

The most golden of my Top Five; Taupe is a richly pigmented soft hazelnut toned loose shadow. It has a beautiful luminescence which, if applied dry gives a subtle glow but can give the most wonderful metallic finish if you apply using a damp brush.

Taupe is beautifully neutral so can be combined with a statement lip, bright eyeliner or a bucket full of glitter!! Go on, give it a go…

Are you a taupe fan?


Images: (1) Colorpsychology; (2) Kjaer Weis; (3) Lily Lolo; (4) RMS Beauty; (5) Vapour Beauty; (6) Alima Pure


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