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 As I am writing this, Christmas Day is exactly three months to the day *sharp intake of breath*. Don’t worry I am not going to spend the next twelve weeks plugging it; I have a total ban on christmas until 1st December. It is not mentioned, thought about or even discussed (present post accepted) until the first day of the month – then I’m all guns blazing!

The only reason I mention it now is should you be considering a little DIY this festive season (I will not mention the C word again), then this may be worth a look…

Written by Elsie Rutterford & Dominika Minarovic the beauty minds behind the Clean Beauty Co and natural skincare brand BYBI, Clean Beauty Recipes to manage your beauty routine naturally is one of this years additions to my beauty bookshelf.

With an relaxed and easy to understand approach, Elsie and Dominika share some of their extensive natural beauty knowledge and show how it is possible to make natural beauty products using ingredients which are found in many a kitchen cupboard.

The focus of this book is of course the recipes, which are varied and cover a wide range of aspects of natural beauty; from cheek stain to a kale face rinse and numerous hair masks and serums. Each has been broken down with easy to follow instructions and funky imagery (so you know what the end product is supposed to look like!)

Alongside an extensive and impressive selection of recipes, is a whole host of advice on ingredients such as honey and cocoa, as well as essential and carrier oils. They have also included some nuggets on going natural as well as some of facts and housekeeping behind product formulation. Elise and Dominica have a straight talking, no nonsense attitude to beauty and product formulation and you aren’t left feeling  bamboozled by science.

Clean Beauty Recipes is a lovely book and definitely one to invest in. It makes for the perfect gift for anyone wanting to make their first foray into DIY beauty and for the pro’s it has fresh receipes which I haven’t come across in other Natural recipe books – and I have quite a few!

Priced at £18.00, it is available from all good bookshops.


Clean Beauty Recipes to manage your beauty routine naturally
Author: Elsie Rutterford & Dominika Minarovic
Publisher: Published in 2017
ISBN: 978-1-910-93145-5
Images: LJS-OMUA
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