Pro Tips: Making Your Lipstick Last

Unbelievably we are already nearing mid February and of course with that comes Valentine’s Day. Around this time I always write something roughly based on the theme and this year is no different, however rather than suggesting a product or three, I thought I would share with you a few pro tips on making your lipstick last.

The key to making your lipstick look amazing and stay put is to prep the lips well, ensuring they are well hydrated and free from any pesky bits of skin.

Lipstick sits unevenly on flaky lips so before you even look at a lipstick, remove any dry or scuffed skin with a lip exfoliator or scrub. Ready made exfoliators are easy to get hold of; Lush’s Lip Scrubs (£6.50) are my favourite however in all honestly Lip Scrub can be made quickly and easily (and super cheaply) using two or three store cupboard ingredients!

Lip Scrub Recipe

Simply mix one teaspoon of honey with two teaspoons of sugar in a small pot or jar.
Apply to your lips and gently massage it in and then remove using a warm damp flannel

Its that simple!

This is just one, very (very) basic recipe. There are a whole host of them on the internet if you fancy something a little different.

If DIY beauty isn’t your thing and you don’t have any lip scrub to hand then you could also use a clean, dry toothbrush. Gently move it lightly over the lips in small circular motions (make sure you don’t go heavy handed here as it can hurt!); this will remove the flaky bits equally as well.

The next step is to moisturise your lips using a hydrating lip balm. Liberally coat your lips with the balm and then go and do something else for a few minutes to allow it to sink in – alternatively give it a few moments then remove any excess balm with a tissue.

If you have time and/or your lips are in need of some real TLC then try using an intensive lip treatment. My ultimate favourite is the Twelve Beauty Hyaluroil Lip Treatment (£28.00) which in my experience banishes chapped, dry and flaky lips in just a couple of swipes!

The final step before going in with your lipstick is lip pencil. Choose a colour similar to your lip colour (if all else fails then use a nude pencil).

Contrary to popular belief, its better if you relax your mouth whilst applying the liner. Taut lips can give the mouth an unnatural shape and ultimately you want your lips to look like they belong to you. Apply the pencil using short strokes, starting at the peak of the cupids bow and working down towards the outer corners. On the bottom lip I suggest starting in the middle and working out as with the top.

If you want to correct your lips shape then now is the time to do it. Rather than running the pencil along the outside of your natural lip line (which can give a really artificial appearance), simply angle the pencil so it is closer to a 90ºangle and run it actually on the line. The change in angle will subtly change the lip shape and make it appear fuller.

Finally apply you can apply your lipstick. In all honesty I don’t think it makes much difference whether you apply it with a  brush or straight from a bullet – the former is easier when applying to other peoples lips.

I’m totally old school with this but my personal tried and tested method of making your lipstick stay put: Once you have followed the process above and applied your first coat of lipstick, take a single ply tissue (gently peel a tissue apart in other words) and press it up to the lips (holding it with two fingers, one either side of the outer corners of your mouth). Take a brush or powder puff loaded with translucent powder and press it onto the tissue. Remove the tissue and then reapply the lipstick – repeat a couple of times until you get the desired finish.

Once your lipstick is on then check for any bleeding or smudges; you can tidy up with a little concealer if necessary. To avoid lipstick on your teeth, simply stick your forefinger in your mouth and close your lips around your finger. Slowly remove your finger, keeping the lips pursed around it. The lipstick on the inner lip will transfer onto your finger rather than your teeth!

What is your secret to long-lasting lip colour?


Images: LJS – OMUA


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