My 3 Minute Make-up

Today I thought I would share my go-to make-up look; it’s very quick, very easy and uses minimal products. I’m not a huge wearer of make-up the majority of the time (weddings, nights out, parties, special occasions etc aside; for these it’s the total opposite!). As you’ve possibly heard me spout before, much of the time I generally can’t be arsed, however as I’m getting older I’m finding my desire to wear make-up is growing as certain things about my face and skin niggle at me more and more.

This is my go-to look that I wear when time is short but I have to leave the house looking reasonably presentable. Perfect for the school run (although if I don’t have to be anywhere afterwards I don’t bother), meetings, and lunches with friends. More often than not it ends up being my work face too. It’s short and sweet, uses only six products and absolutely no brushes! It takes me literally about 3 minutes – I kid you not!

Please forgive the pained expression in the pic above. It was obviously one of those days!

I always prep my skin everything morning regardless of whether it’s a make-up day or not and once I’ve done so I then a base apply to my face and neck (taking it just below the neckline). During the cooler months I use Madara Tinting Fluid in Moonflower (£27.00) however from about May I swap to my spf tinted cream of choice (last summer it was Green People DD cream) as I catch the sun fairly readily.

Once my base is done I pop a little Lavera Natural Concealer (£10.90) under my eyes, around my nose and chin. I am lucky enough to only rarely get a spot or blemish so if I need a little more coverage I use the Hynt Beauty Duet Perfecting Concealer (£24.00).

Next come the brows and I apply a swipe of Lavera Brow Styling Gel in Hazel Blonde (£10.90) and brush them into place. Despite always having pretty full and dark brows, I am finding brow cover an essential as I get older and the hairs thin and appear fairer. this gel is perfect for keeping them tidy them as well as adding a little colour.

With W3ll People no longer on these shores, my Expressionist Mascara has had to go by the wayside but has been replaced by the Inika Long Lash Mascara, which although I don’t find to be as perfect, does the job pretty damn well.

Cream blusher is an essential part of my make-up bag. Having briefly flirted with a coral toned blush last summer I am back on the pinky shades which give me a fresh cheeked, healthy glow. I Love the Tata Harper Volumizing Lip & Cheek Tint in Very Naughty (£32.00) if I’m after a cream blush, otherwise it is Rose by The English Mineral Make-up Company (£25.00).

Finally lips. Most days it’s just a slick of balm; currently in my bag is the Hurraw! Moon Balm (£4.99) and Weleda’s new Skin Food balm (£6.95). I’m back in  my deep toned lip phase (I always come back to it) so if I’m in the mood for a spot of colour then my current favourites are Living Nature’s Pure Passion (£19.50) or Tannin from Bite Beauty ($26.00) or if I fancy a nuder lip. Green People’s Damask Rose (£15.00).

That’s it. Super easy and super quick.

What’s your go-to make-up look?

Images: (1, 2) LJS – OMUA

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