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We have made it to P! Here is are the natural and organic make-up brands I’ve found on the market…Who Are They? Founded by aromatherapist Brook Harvey Taylor, Pacifica is a natural beauty company who’s ethos is based on a love of fragrance.
Eco-Credentials: Every one of their products are Gluten free, Vegan friendly and cruelty free; formulated without FD&C color, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, propylene glycol, benzene, mineral oil, petroleum, peanut oil, triclosan…Need I go on? and they have recyclable packaging.
The Products: The make-you range is relatively small and pretty much soul focused on the lighter end of the skin tone spectrum however what Pacifica do do well is palettes. I love a palette and they offer a good selection of single and multiple product type options.
Favourite Products:
 I haven’t tried much from Pacifica to be honest. I have however given a few items from the range as presents to family and friends over the years.

Who Are They? Founded in 2012 by Rose Brown and John Tierney, PHB are a family run company based in Birmingham (UK).
Eco-Credentials: The products are 100% natural and vegan friendly – certified by The Vegan Society, BUAV, PETA and UHA. Free from alcohol, parabens, SLS’s, Palm Oil, Synthetic fragrances and colourants, PEG… You ge the drift. 20% of their net profits go to charity and they have also launched their own charity – The One Love Foundation.
The Products: A pretty comprehensive range of mineral based products. There are a reasonable number of shades in each product line; each would suit variety of skin tones however the bases come up a little light for darker skins.
Favourite Products:
A great range  I am still gradually working my way through the PHB make-up products however those I have given a whirl I have liked. The Peach Lip Gloss and the Almond Eyeshadow have already made their way onto the blog and I’m sure there will be more to come.

Who Are They? Founded in 1937 by Dr Frank Crandall, an allergy specialist who created a range of make-up for his wife Edith who suffered from Lupas and longed for products which didn’t aggravate her sensitive skin. Physician’s Formula actually have a range of lines, one of which is the (low- budget) Organic Wear range – the one I am talking about here :)
Eco-Credentials: The Organic Wear range is a 100% natural origin line – It’s a little unclear from their website what percentage is organic on some products however. Cruelty free; Vegan friendly and gluten free options; Packaging is recyclable.
The Products: The Organic Wear line is pretty small; a variety of mascaras plus a couple of face products (all for lighter skin tones). The mascara’s (all of which are black or ultra black…) offer a range of finishes from natural to high impact.
Favourite Products:
 The only product from Physicans Formula that I have tried is the mascara and that was quite early on in my green beauty days so I can’t remember how I got on with it. Not being readily available here in the UK, it isn’t a brand which usually comes to mind when I am looking to try something new.

As ever let me know if you come up with any more brands and also how you get on with he ones listed above


Images: (1) LJS -OMUA (2) Pacifica Beauty (3) PHB Ethical Beauty (4) Physician’s Formula


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