N Is For…

My A-Z of actual and organic make-up brands has reached the letter N. So whats out there? Quite a few brands actually…

Who Are They? A UK based company formulating allergy-free products which contain predominately natural ingredients.
Eco-Credentials: Approved by Allergy UK and carry the Allergy Friendly Product Award logo, approved by The Vegetarian Society, designed to be as free-from chemical or irritating ingredients as possible they have a massive list of no-no’s on their free-from page and to top it all the packaging is recycle-able.
The Products: A collection of products that covers all the basics from foundation to lipstick. The range of shades is small (except for the mascara which comes in an amazing six shades) and there is definitely a small spectrum of skin tones the collection would work for but what there is looks lovely.
Favourite Products: Do you know I have never tried any of their products? I couldn’t believe it when I thought about it! They all look lovely – which ones would you recommend?

Who Are They? A brand with a super glam backstory, they were founded in LA by Ashley and Hartley Humphreys (a Make-up Artist and model respectively).
Eco-Credentials: 100% vegan and cruelty-free, they have an extensive list of ingredients they avoid.
The Products: The collection currently consists of four multi-use cream face palettes which carry the names Provocative, Point Break, Bijou and Reserve. The products are versatile and designed to highlight, sculpt, bronze, and accentuate and of course add colour.
Favourite Products: Now available in the UK at Glow Organic, I have yet to try any of the palettes but they are on my wish list so I will update you as and when I get around to trying them.

Who Are They? Founded in 2008 in Sydney, Australia, Nude By Nature are a mineral based make-up company who have become a household name down under.
Eco-Credentials: Formulated with 100% naturally derived ingredients and free from Silicone, Siloxanes, Phthalates, Sulphates, PEGS, Triclosan, Phenoxyethanol or Parabens, Carmine, Talc and Bismuth Oxychloride. Cruelty free.
The Products: A fabulous range of products which covers pretty much every requirement. They offer a great range of shades suitable for a wider range of skin tones than a lot of other brands offer. For those of you whom aesthetics play a part in your purchasing then you will be surely drawn by the rose gold packaging similar to the Charlotte Tilbury range.
Favourite Products: I have only tried the mineral foundation so can’t comment on the whole range but the foundation has a beautiful texture. Available in Debenhams if you are in the UK though if you fancy giving them a try.

Who Are They? A high performance natural beauty brand from Germany.
Eco-Credentials: 100% natural, 70%+ Organic ingredients, vegan friendly, gluten free.
The Products: A small collection of face, lip and cheek products. The colours are divine however with the exception of the lipsticks the shades are limited in most cases. The foundations are best suited for light to medium skin tones.
Favourite Products: I haven’t tried any of the product from Nui as yet but as with Nude & Noir they are available at Glow Organic so they are on my ever growing list…

Who Are They? Coining the phrase Green is the New Black, Nvey Eco have been around since 2005. Founded by Rohan Widdison, Nvey were the first Australian make-up brand to to certified organic by both NaTrue and NSF International.
Eco-Credentials: Certified organic by NaTrue, free from parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, GMO’s, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, nano-particles and talc. They also are cruelty-free.
The Products: A wide range of products which would tick all the boxes for most people. Foundations are mostly suited for fair to medium skin tones, although there is a couple of  darker tones in the Creme Deluxe collection. The eyes and lips have a good selection of shades with some cool colours amongst them. They also have a vegan brush range.
Favourite Products: I’ve worked my way around the collection but by far and away my favourite product is the matte Nourishing Bronzer – perfect for male grooming shoots and it looks great on camera. The foundations and lip glosses are nice too.


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