Organic September 2020


Today sees the start of the Soil Association’s month long annual event, Organic September. This year has brought so many changes, many of which have been unprecedented; In all honestly I have not idea where the past twelve months have gone and the past five months have been particularly strange.

This year the Soil Association are collaborating with the Organic Trade Board (the organisation who represents the commercial interests of the organic sector) and a number of organic brands from across the industry and uniting with one clear and consistent  message:

One small swap can make a world of difference

The global issues of the past year have once again highlighted how fragile our planet is in the face of climate change and the widespread decline of our wildlife, the need to change our food systems has never been greater.

‘As citizens we are appreciating the world we live in, and the fragility of our existence in it, more than ever before. All the research shows that people don’t want to simply let things return to the way they were – but to continue making choices that will support people, animals and our environment‘ (Soil Association, 2020).

By working together the organic food, beauty and textiles industries will present a unified campaign, raising awareness into the benefits of organic food and farming and helping consumers take steps to take small steps which can help make an impact.

After it’s brief spring-time stint a couple of years back Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week is once again nestled in Organic September and is running from the 7th – 13th September 2020.

This year Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week is celebrating the power of organic and nature and throughout the week we will be championing kindness to the planet and raising awareness of the benefits of organic beauty.

The Soil Association will be leading and encouraging discussions surrounding sustainability, synthetics ingredients, biodiversity and animal welfare and much more. To follow the discussions check out the Soil Associations Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week page and take a look at their social media.

Making one small swap to your self-care routine is the first step to making a world of difference.

What will be your one small swap?


Images: (1, 2) Soil Association

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