On Screen: World Darts Championship 2016

A couple of months ago I worked on a promo for the 2016 World Darts Championship; Not particularly glamorous and not one I would usually share but it was a fun little job and it gave me the chance to get a little creative…

Any of you who have been to or watched a darts tournament will know that dressing up and having fun is all part of the event. The Championship is held over a 15 day period at Alexandra Palace in late December and so the premise of the shoot suitably thematic, with festive costumes and familiar characters.
Amongst the male grooming and female and child make-ups executed by myself and fellow Make-up Artist Lisa Smith, was a snake design which I created on the head of one of our actresses (and the purpose for the mention)  – Keep an eye out, it’s a fleeting shot!
More about the snake make-up and the products I used in come weeks ;)

Images: via You Tube and William Hill
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