Zero Waste Green Beauty Gift Ideas

Last minute shopping is pretty much a staple in my household. Every year I try to be organised but life, work and general faffing keep me from being like my mother who pretty much has christmas sewn up by mid July…

Whether you are a last minute shopper or have just remembered an entire group of people you have forgotten to buy for (I’ve done it in the past so I feel your pain), late in the day purchases are pretty much one of the christmas traditions.

I haven’t done a green beauty gift guide for years (there are so many great ones out there I don’t see the point) but I do have some zero waste ideas which are worth considering when you are shopping in these final few days.

I’m not going to go into the whole too much waste/billions of tons of plastic floating in our oceans/we must do more! thing here – that’s for another post. It’s christmas and as we only have six shopping days left until the big day you probably aren’t in the mind for it so I will cut to the chase.

Here are some of my zero waste beauty, last minute gift suggestions…

Avoid plastics! It probably goes without saying (you’re sensible people after all) but if you can avoid plastic and excess packaging then do. Although there are biodegradable alternatives out there, look for items which are housed in glass jars and bottles. You could make your own products and pop them into kilner jars or empty bottles but if you aren’t inclined to go down the DIY route then Skin & Tonic London, AS. Apothecary and Evolve Beauty all use beautiful brown glass to hold their products as do Honest Skincare and Mallow and White (the latter is actually clear glass ;).

Aside from products which require no packaging whatsoever, those that are refillable or reusable are the best all round in terms of waste reduction, so why not give a gift that encourages the recipient to use and use agin?  Empty make-up palettes are a great idea for the make-up lover and there are some lovely ones out there (and equally lovely things to fill them with). I love the Zao Bamboo Magnetic Case (£16.50) and their Large Bamboo Magnetic Box (£33.00) which will hold a variety of make-up products along as it is in a non-aluminium pan. A recent release and the one I am hankering for is the utterly breathtaking Kjaer Weis Collectors Kit (£60.00); designed in collaboration with artist Clym Evernden, it’s stylish and practical and will look great in a make-up bag.

If you know a face wipe addict then why not gift them a less wasteful alternative? Love The Planet Washable Cleansing pads (from £6.95) and Konjac Sponges (from £6.99) make for great stocking fillers, alternatively you could give them some beautiful, soft flannels. Odylique (£3.50) and Neals Yard Remedies (£4.00) both have unbleached organic cotton ones. For a fun twist on the theme, check out the Cheeky Wipes Make-up Removal Kit (£20.95); the kit contains washable bamboo wipes in a variety of fun prints, some organic coconut oil and a storage container.

If you or someone you know is a fan of wet shaving then help them cut back on their waste and give them the Muhle Traditional Razor (£32.50). Available in Rose Gold or Chrome, these razors are suitable for men and women and the replacement blades at just £2.50 for 10 are super cheap to replace!

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you to forgo the nylon, never to be used again faux ribbon – that would be wasteful ;)  Take your beautiful and zero waste gift out of your reusable shopping bag (I know you didn’t buy a 5p one) and wrap it in a cloth wrap. Old (and clean!) hankies, neck scarves and muslin clothes make for great wraps, alternatively Lush have some lovely ones too. If you can’t face mountains of fabric then use something you’ve saved or found: those lovely snap shut boxes some beauty boxes come in, baskets from charity shops, newspaper, packing material from online orders, pages from old books, all of those painting and drawings your kids have produced over the course of the year and you have no idea what to do with…

Last year I did the whole thing without using one cm of sticky tape; I secured parcels with just ribbon I’d saved, bits of string and jute twine from the garden shed. I like a hotch potch of gift wrap. I haven’t started on the wrapping as yet (I’m a last week before christmas kinda gal) but the plan is similar this year.

What are your zero waste gift ideas?


Images: (1) via Country Living


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