On Screen: The Easy Way

With the summer holidays upon us I thought I’d get into the spirit and share some Amalfi Coast glamour in the form of a commercial I worked on recently and is currently airing here in the UK.

The 1960’s themed shoot was great fun although sadly we didn’t get to travel to the beautiful Salerno (we were stuck in a studio in Camberwell) but we certainly got into the spirit.

The client wanted to go with a variation on a typical mid-sixties look for the hair and make-up and so I spent a few days prior to the shoot researching the period and putting together mood boards until we came up with a look that they were happy with.

For the female model I prepped the skin thoroughly using a Whamisa Cleansing Water, followed by the Almond Soothing Facial Cream from Weleda. I followed this with a little Twelve Beauty Rapid Eye Treatment and Beauty Kitchen Seahorse Plankton HD Facial Oil.

I used Inika Pure Primer followed by my favourite base, the Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation before going over any blemishes and shadows with my trusty Viseart palettes – I also used this palette to add a little shading to the sides of the nose, under the cheekbone and the socket line.

I brushed the brows through and then went over them with a brow powder creating a more sixties shape, filling any gaps along the way. I then set them with the Lavera Brow gel.

The focus of the make-up was the eyes, in particular the socket line so I kept the eyelids pretty neutral with just a wash of a creamy toned shadow from Couleur Caramel (I can’t remember which one). I ran a mixture of browns from Couleur Caramel through the socket line plus a little Bark shadow from Odylique.

I tight-lined the eye using the Lavera Liquid liner and then ran it along the lash line, blocking the ends at an angle. I also added the Benecos Pencil Kajal in Black to the upper waterline. I coated the lashes with a black mascara (again I can’t remember which as I have a few in my kit) and clumped them together using a pair of tweezers (an old 1960’s trick). I had some Louise Young Cosmetics 1960’s style lashes lined up but on the day the client decided not to go with false lashes sadly :(

On the cheeks I applied a little Kjaer Weis Cream Blush in Happy to the apples of the cheeks to give an underlying glow and then once I had powdered the face (I can’t remember which powder I used) I applied a little Couleur Caramel Powder Blush.

Finally on the lips I used a nude lip pencil from Lavera and then went over that with Madeira Lip Crayon from Bite Beauty (I think now discontinued). Personally I would have chosen a more matte shade to make the colour more authentic however it is my job to delivery what the client wants and a slight sheen wasn’t unheard of in the sixties (usually created using vaseline!!)

On my male model I prepped the skin and then applied Couleur Caramel Velvet Primer to mattify the skin, covered any blemishes and shadows with my Viseart palette. I applied a little cream base to the skin to even out the complexion and tided the brows.

I then set the skin using the Jane Iredale Beyond Matte HD powders and then applied bronzer to the skin to give that sun-kissed Amalfi glow!

So I think that was everything (probably forgotten something!), now for the commercial itself… Enjoy :)

P.S. The album is now available from shops (including Sainsbury’s) if you want some easy listening sixties classics – no obligation mind you, I’m not on commission! ;)


Imagery: (1,3) Courtesy of Universal Music (2) LJS – OMUA

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