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For years I have been growing increasingly frustrated but the amount of waste I produce as a Make-up Artist (and I’m pretty low waste producing in comparison to many others I know!). One of my biggest bug bears has been the use of wipes and tissues. The latter I managed to get on top of by using microfibre cloths when cleaning my brushes which made a bigger difference to my wastage than I had ever imagined!

I was on the hunt for some more reusable sanitary pads (I picked up some super cute unicorn ones) when I came accross Washable Make-up Pads (£11.95) from cloth nappy company Baba & Boo recently.

Constructed of two layers of 100% organic cotton, the pads are relatively soft to the touch but are textured enough to feel like they are actually doing something. I’ve applied micellar water directly to the pad and also massaged cleanser directly on the skin and used the pads to remove product; both ways work equally well.

I’ve used washable pads before but have always found them too small or far too big however at 8cm in diameter these are a pretty usable size (I’m on the hunt for bigger ones).  They are work equally well for personal or professional use if you are looking for a zero waste alternative to cotton wool.

The pack contains ten pads which come in a mesh storage bag which can be used to store the pads or to contain them in the washing machine. It is recommended that the pads a re washed in a 60 degree wash and line dried however they can be tumble-dried on a low heat. I’ve washed them at both high and low temperatures and dried them on a hot setting (I like to put things though their paces) and they have survived.

One of the benefits of using these pads over cotton wool in my kit is that it means the need to pick fibres out of stubble and facial hair is negated. Cotton wool fibres can be pesky things! Although a lot of the guys I work with still just want a facial wet wipe to run with, some are starting to appreciate my use of alternatives and have been happy with my latest transition.

On another note…

Aside from a fab range of washables for baby and mum, the benefit of purchasing from Baba & Boo is that they are a socially responsible company. They support the premature baby charity Bliss and the Nkouranga and Faraja Orphanages in Tanzania. They also offset their carbon footprint by buying trees!

Have you got any zero waste beauty products?


Images: (1) LJS – OMUA



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