From The Vault: Creme Deluxe Foundation – Nvey Eco

I love rediscovering products; products found loitering at the bottom of my kit bag that haven’t been played with for a little while. Once spotted they are given a new lease of life and re-loved. This post is about one of those rediscoveries, a product that once I used a lot but had fallen unintentionally by the wayside, only to be re-found and now re-incorporated into my kit.

Nvey Eco Creme Deluxe Foundation (£28.75) was I believe, one of the first foundations that I purchased when I began dabbling with natural and organic products many moons ago. Thinking back, I remember why I chose it over the very few organic alternatives I had at the time:
1.) it was a cream foundation (I love cream and liquid bases)
2.) was available in a few slightly darker skin tones (sadly still a rarity with many cream and liquid bases)
3.) it looked cool (take a look at what was available in the mid noughties and you will see what I mean).

Cream and liquid foundations are my products of choice when I use a make-up base. Loose mineral powders have their place, but for me the afore mentioned win hands down every time. Unusually for a cream foundation, the Creme Deluxe coverage is fairly sheer, especially if applied with a sponge (a brush works much better); however it can be built up to give a fuller coverage.

Incredibly light to wear, Creme Deluxe is rich in Safflower, caster and jojoba oils which help nourish hydrate the skin without that greasy feeling that you sometimes get from cream foundations.
The spectrum of shades is pretty good (although hasn’t increased over the years) with ten shades in the Cream Deluxe collection. The foundations are available in both pink and yellow undertones and cater for those with fairer skins through to light/mid toned darker skin tones.

The cool factor. The piano black packaging hasn’t changed much at all (although I think there was a slight re-design at one point) and although it has maybe lost its edge when compared to some of the newer brands on the block, it still is simple, functional, lightweight and practical. In the end, what more do you need?

Something I wasn’t thinking of when I first purchased it but have since discovered, is how great it looks on men. I have taken to using Creme Deluxe on jobs that involve a little male grooming; nothing heavy, just coverage where it is needed.

* * *

For the first time in a long time, this one isn’t a happily ever after.

Although I still have the odd compact kicking around, I haven’t used Nvey Eco Creme Deluxe Foundation for quite some time. I still quite like the foundations texture and finish however I have found alternatives which work better for me. I’ve fallen out of love.

As many of you know Kjaer Weis foundation has become my cream base of choice in recent years and to be honest I don’t see myself going back any time soon. The range of shades is more versatile and the finish and texture is lovely. I won’t eulogise here but if you want to see why I love it so much then check out my original post – it’s here.


Images:(1) Anthea Brown via Flickr; (2) Nvey Eco


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