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I’m rounding off September by sneaking in an extra A-Z post, as it’s the last in the series and also my last Friday post an I’ll be reverting to the once a week (ish) schedule as of next month. So here we are, having worked our way through the alphabet lets find out what W, X, Y and Z have to offer us (or W and Z at least)…

Who Are They? Founded by a makeup artist, a cosmetic dermatologist and a self-confessed tree-hugging entrepreneur, W3ll People are a minimalist make-up brand which delivers high end products.
Eco-Credentials: Free from fillers, propylene glycol, petrochemicals/ petroleum by-products, Handcrafted in small batches, some vegan options,
The Products: If minimal make-up is your thing then W3ll People offer a pretty comprehensive range of products. The range of shades within each product family isn’t vast but they make up for it in texture and ease of wear. Organic Aloe Vera (known for its beneficial properties) forms the basis of many of the products.
Favourite Products: I’m a massive fan of W3ll People and their products have been a key part of both my pro and personal kits for quite sometime but sadly they are no longer available in the UK (they departed these shores earlier this year). My favourites are the Expressionist Mascara, Realist X HD Powder and the Universalist Sticks.

Who Are They? Founded about 6 years ago by one of the biggest (but possibly lesser known) names in organic beauty David Reccole (previously he founded Couleur Caramel and Elysambre). David was inspired to create the brand after receiving a bamboo gift from a friend.
Eco-Credentials: ECOCERT certified with 100% natural formulas, talc free and no ingredients from the petrochemical industry, many products are vegan friendly and some are gluten free. Most products are refillable and packaging is produced using sustainable bamboo.
The Products: Zao offer a comprehensive range of cosmetics which tick all the boxes when it comes to texture, finish and quality. The spectrum of shades is great and in terms of foundations they are by far and away one of the most diverse. The products are formulated using two key ingredients bamboo stem powder (it has a high silica level to boost skin elasticity) and micro-silver (a natural preservative  and antiseptic).
Favourite Products: One of my favourite organic brands, they have been featured on here many times before. I recently wrote about their range of foundations for darker skin tones and

You can read more about Zao and David Reccole in my Behind the brand post from a few years ago.

Who Are They? Australian based  Zuii Organic is an organic beauty brand who’s products are formulated using a blend of beneficial organic flora (such as rose, jasmine and chamomile).
Eco-Credentials: NASAA (National Association of Sustainable Agriculture, Australia), BDIH & COSMOS certified, contain at least 95% certified organic ingredients, free from talc, bismuth, GMO, fillers etc.
The Products: The range of Zuii products is pretty good, with a variety of formulations within each product area. In terms of shades, the choice is good and medium to darker skin tones are catered for. They aren’t widely available in the UK (the only stockist to my knowledge is Le Fix Beauty bar) and the UK site does appear to be based overseas so watch for shipping cost, however they do offer a sample service if you fancy giving them a whirl.
Favourite Products: I have only tried a handful of the Zuii products so I can’t comment across the board, however I did like the eyeshdows which come in a great range of colours.


Images: (1) LJS – OMUA; (2) W3ll People; (3) Zao; (4) Zuii Organic

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