Behind The Brand: Zao

A recent and very welcome addition to the range of organic make-up available here in the UK is French line Zao.
With two incredible organic cosmetic lines (Couleur Caramel and Elysambre) and over a decade of experience in the cosmetics industry behind him, founder and creator David Riccole strikes again with another impressive clean brand.

An amalgamation of the words Zen and Tao, Zao has very much been inspired by Asian philosophy. The beautifully simple and easily refillable bamboo packaging was inspired by a writing set given to David as a gift from a Taiwanese friend.
Bamboo as we know is an incredibly eco choice; its rapid rate of regrowth means that during the course of its life time a bamboo plant absorbs an incredible amount of carbon in comparison to other plants and trees. It is the use of this super-sustainable plant that helps make Zao a carbon negative company (their claims)!
It is not only the packaging that is created using bamboo either, Bamboo stem powder is used in the make-up itself. High in silica (75% content), bamboo can help improve the skins elasticity and this combined with the essential fatty acids found in ginkgo leaf extract, aloe Vera and Shea butter and the mirco silver used as a natural preservative and antiseptic, means that Zao make-up can benefit your skin too.
Certified by ECOCERT, the range consists of a great variety of product types, including twenty cream and powder eyeshadows, talc-free loose and pressed powder foundations and twelve lipsticks. Most excitingly for me is the inclusion of a liquid foundation (a bit of a rarity in natural cosmetics lines) and matte eyeshadows and lipsticks – anyone who has followed my blog for a while will know that I have a love of matte products and the general lack of them is a big bone of contention.

As with so many natural and organic brands, there is sadly a distinct lack of products for darker skin tones (aside from the one nominal compact foundation) however Zao is still in its infancy and I understand that thw plan is to include a greater range of product shades as time goes on.
I discovered the range back at the beginning of 2013 and had the opportunity to have a play with the whole line at the Natural and Organic Beauty Show in June and was definitely impressed. Zao is certainly a brand to watch in the future and I for one am definitely looking forward to exploring the range further!
Have you tried any Zao products?
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