Travel Sized: A Guide To Travelling Light

With the long Easter weekend now underway and of course the couple of weeks of school holidays, many of us will be taking the opportunity to get away for a few days (myself included). Whether you are heading off for an end of season ski holiday, city breaking in Europe or flying off for some much missed sun, you will no doubt need to include some make-up or skincare in your luggage. Fingers crossed this post will help.

Taking full sized products on your travels is often impractical; budget airlines especially frequently charge a premium for taking overweight luggage and there is of course the 100ml limit on liquids for carry on, so packing light is essential. This is where mini products come in handy.

Aside from being a great way too try new products, the sample sizes that come in beauty boxes or as an added bonus to regular beauty orders from online stores are great for using when you travel overnight but not always so good for longer journeys.  If I am away for more than three or four days, I usually prefer to use products which are part of my daily routine. I don’t usually end up taking a whole shelf of full sized products, instead I decant into travel sized pots to help reduce the weight and scale of my toiletries bag.

If decanting and de-potting isn’t for you you’ll no doubt know that many brands offer smaller, travel sized (sub 100ml) versions of their best selling products. I’m not talking about the (somewhat irritating and very wasteful)) single-use sachets but the jars, tubes and bottles which contain enough product to get you through a week, or even two of travelling.

Here are some ideas of where to look for product to help you pack light…


Packing light can be hard with skincare, especially as you get older as the list of daily products seems to grow at an alarming rate! To help reduce what you take, have a good look at what you use, can you double up? Can you substitute for a multi-use product instead?

On a daily basis I use maybe a minimum of eight skincare products (if you take into account morning and evening routines) however when I go away I take far less. Over the years I have managed to reduce my skincare requirements to one creamy cleanser, one moisturiser, one spritzer (for refreshing, cooling down etc – I don’t really do toning) one serum and one eye cream. I will also have a tube of the multi-use Weleda Skin Food (weirdly not in the pictures I’ve just noticed) as I can’t go anywhere without it, but give or take an item of two that is it.

Many of my (our) skincare favourites offer travel sized products so you are spoilt for choice when it comes to filling your clear 20cmx20cm plastic bag… ;)

Odylique; I love their approach to beauty and their company ethos.  In amongst their travel sized offerings are the Rose and Citrus Super Tonics, the Superfruit Concentrate (an essential of mine), their Timeless Rose Moisturiser and Coconut Cleanser. All are sold in recyclable and non-toxic packaging

Evolve are a brand who offer generously sized smaller versions of practically every product in their range, so perfect for those who like a unified skincare regime. All of the products are in their standard brown glass jars and bottles and so maybe not so good for those with a weight limit to account for but if you aren’t restricted then go for your life!

Balance Me are a great brand with minis that are perfectly sized for a good week or more’s worth of use; much of the collection is available in 5-50ml tubes. As well as individual products Balance Me also offer a couple of skin sets which make for great gifts even if for those not going anywhere this time around.

Green People‘s travel sizes are for all the family. Packaged in the recyclable PP or HDPE (molecule chains made from Carbon and Hydrogen) tubes, these mini’s are lightweight and conveniently sized. The Green People sincere range is available in travel sizes too so there is no excuse not to pack it!!

If you want an all-in travel set then check out Dr Hauschka,  Pai Skincare and Neal’s Yard Remedies; all offer all inclusive travel kits tailored to specific skin requirements.


When I travel I don’t generally the much make-up with me: a mascara, spf base, a lip balm and a blush. If I know I’m likely to be going out I may take an eyeshadow or two but more than half the time I won’t use any of it!

In my mind a palette which hold most of the products you need for your trip are the way to go. One single item which contains all to you need to colour, shade, highlight and more. I’m saying this and actually this time I personally don’t have a palette which fits the bill so I am taking oddments but çe la vie…

The refillable Kjaer Weis Collections Kit is one platte which tops my wish list. Holding one Foundation, two Cheek tints, one Lip Tint and and two KW Eyeshadows, the iconic silver compact may not be the lightest way to carry your make-up essentials but it sure is beautiful (and totally flexible).

Another all in one place options are the Signature Sets from RMS Beauty. The two palettes (Mod and Pop) contain either the Buriti Bronzer or Master Mixer, two Lip2Cheek colours, a Luminizer and a lip balm. The palettes are lightweight and don’t require any brushes, so thats one less thing to pack!

The vegan friendly Pacifica Solar Colour Mineral Palette has everything you need for your holiday face. Containing six eyeshadows, two blushers and three highlighters, you can have a different look everyday.

The Other Stuff

When it comes to the miscellaneous stuff, it very much depends on where you go and what you feel you need but I still keep it as minimal as possible.

This holiday I’m taking a 50ml body lotion, hand sanitiser for when I’m out and about, hand cream and hand wash (I’m assuming where we are staying doesn’t offer eco options), a body scrub from the latest Skin Organics Beauty Box (something I don’t usually take on my travels but I quite fancy it this time) and two mini jars of Natural Deo Co deodorant (one gentle, one active).

I’m also taking shampoo and conditioner, body wash, toothpaste and toothbrush (also not pictured) but I figure these go without saying.

That’s it! For me at least. My daughter and other half have a handful of products between them, which makes me look particularly high maintenance….

*     *     *

Over the past few years I have put together a few posts which give skincare and make-up tips for when you are travelling. If you are going to warmer climes then check out my Heatproof Your Make-up post from last summer. Alternatively, if you are flying long haul then take a look at my Inflight Make-up Tips and In-Flight Skincare essentials.

If you are going away this Easter then I hope have a wonderful time (if you aren’t, then have great time regardless).

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