Top Five: Winter Holiday Essentials


With the holiday season nearly upon us, some of you may be lucky enough to be jetting off to celebrate the festivities boarding down the slopes of Whistler, watching the Northern Lights over Reykjavik or snowshoeing in the fells of Lapland (I quite fancy all of these actually…).

I have twice been overseas for the christmas period; once to New York and once to Paris. Neither reached much above 2ºc during the day and both were well and truly deep in snow. I loved both these trips and would definitely spend another christmas outside the UK (suggestions please), especially if the likelihood of snow was greater than it is here!

When going away to (possibly) colder climes you need to be prepared for every eventuality when it comes to your skin. Just because the chances of snow are high doesn’t mean that you should forgo your sunscreen, you skin need just as much protection and nourishment as it does in the summer – if not more! 

Believe it or not, staying indoors can be just as hard on you in the winter; Central heating can really dry out the skin so even if you aren’t going away this winter, make sure you stock up on those intensive moisturisers and balms.

Here are my Top Five Winter Holiday Essentials

Weleda Calendula Weather Protection Cream
I love this cream, it is a staple in my everyday bag. Perfect for protecting chapped or delicate skin from the elements, I use it on sore hands, chins, cheeks, noses – you name it. With (or without) a toddler in tow, this cream is an essential for taking out and about!
£8.95 from Weleda     –

Neal’s Yard Remedies Wild Rose Beauty Balm**
The balm is a complete multi-tasker and a perfect addition to your holiday bag. Not only can it be used as a richly nourishing cleanser to remove make-up, it can also be used with a muslin cloth as an exfoliator (colder weather may mean you need to exfoliate more regularly) but also as a nourishing leave-on balm for those pesky dry bits. 
The glass jar may be a looker but it may also be a weighty addition to your luggage allowance so decant some into a clear travel pot and lighten the load!
Hurraw! Moon Balm Night Treatment and Sun Lip Balms
I love Hurraw! balms, there is one for every occasion. It is easy to forget about your lips when you are on holiday but they can burn too. Protect them when you are out and about during the day with this SPF 15 Sun Balm; rich in Chamomile and juicy tangerine – It’s delicious, even if you aren’t on holiday! After a hard day on the slopes give them a treat each night and slather them in Hurraw Night Treatment Balm. The combination of seed and nut oils will nourish your lips and ensure they are hydrated for the following day. 
£4.49 each from So Organic     –

Weleda Arnica Massage Balm
After a day on the slopes or trekking the forests of Finland you may be more than a little sore. Treat your tired muscles to a dose of this after a warm shower or bath, the therapeutic properties of arnica and birch combined with rosemary and lavender oils will soon soothe away any stiffness so you will be ready for action the next morning!
£9.83 from Naturisimo     –

Badger Company Sport Sunscreen (SPF35)

Even though you may be thermal-ed up to the nines, don’t forget that your face is still exposed to the elements. The snow can reflect about 80% of the suns UV rays so with the added altitude of mountain ranges then sunburn is as likely as if you were on a beach (UV radiation increases 4-5% with every 1000ft above sea level*). Remember to re-apply regularly!

N.B it is worth baring in mind that this sunscreen is pretty thick and will leave a white coating to your skin so if you are more après skiing than actual skiing then it may not be the one for you…

£9.20 (approx) from Iherb (I can’t seem to find it in the UK at the moment)  –

What are your favourite skincare essentials to take on winter holidays? 

Wherever you go (or don’t go) have a happy holiday! 

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* Skin Cancer Foundation
** Please note this is the limited edition packaging. The balm will return to its usual packaging in the new year :)

Main Image: Aurora Borealis via Wikimedia Commons

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  • I need to try out this lip balm! I love moisturizing lip balms and especially ones as my lips tend to be dry!ReplyCancel

  • Hi
    It is lovely balm – so rich and creamy. The night balm is a real treat for the lips :)
    L x

  • Great choices! I love WRBB and I also love Weleda – their Skin Food is one of my faves!ReplyCancel

  • Ah me too. It smells divine! Skin Food is a staple in my kit (post coming soon) – I thought it was a little unfair to put three Weleda products in the Top 5 though :)
    L xReplyCancel

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