Top Five: Skincare for Teens

In the course of my work I work with a lot of kids and young people and so I have to have a selection of products which are suited to younger, often troubled skins. In my pro kit I have a teen bag. Not specifically for teens (it contains products which could be used by adults and younger children too), but it covers most of the products I would use on a teenage skin…

The combination of hormones, the stress of exams can cause havoc on teenage skin but its important to remember that not all teenagers are the same and just as with fully fledged adults, skincare requirements may differ from individual to individual.

The main thing to remember is that teenage skincare doesn’t need to be complicated (or expensive).  They (or you if you are reading this) don’t need anti-aging products, stuff with gold in, high performance face-lifts-in-a-bottle, or eye creams! Any of that nonsense. Teenage skin is great, so keep it simple.

A twice daily cleanse with a good cream or balm cleanser (I’m not a fan of facial washes as I think they are too astringent on the whole for daily use) removed with a warm cotton flannel followed by a moisturiser (and if possible an SPF) should suffice for most. Over zealous cleansing/oil removal can exacerbate the problem so keep any exfoliating to a minimum – once a week will be enough.

Here are my to five products for teenage skin of every type (and there is nothing over £20.00!)…

Almond Soothing Facial Lotion – Weleda (£13.95)

A lovely gentle cleansing lotion with a beautiful almond scent. This particular products is best suitable for normal to combination skins but I do use this on a sensitive skin too (including my own). Simply massage into the face and neck and then gently wipe away with a clean, warm cotton flannel. Its as easy as that

Face Blotting Paper – Muji (£2.50)

With skin which is prone to oiliness, one of the worst things you can do is overload it with product – blot! Blotting papers will absorb excess oil and help combat shine.I’ve chosen the Muji ones as they are particularly affordable and are made of pure pulp and so in my mind are better than the papers which have talc and a whole host of other unnecessary ingredients in them; there are others out there so take a look around.

Konjac Facial Sponge – Konjac Sponge Company (£8.99)

Although I wouldn’t use one of these on a young person I was working with as a one off, I would not hesitate to if needs be if we were working together for a sustained length of time (on a dram or film for example) or recommend for personal use. There are a few to choose from depending on your skin type but the Bamboo Charcoal is great for oilier skins, whilst the Chamomile sponge is perfect for skins proven to sensitivity.

OY! Clear Skin Cleansing Moisturiser – Green People (£11.00)

Mineral oil can really cause problems for spot prone skin so take care to choose products free from this pesky ingredient. This is a lightweight natural moisturiser (free from mineral oil!) which is ideal for acne-prone skin. Deeply moisturising ad enriched with Willow Bark & Green Tea which help to reduce inflamed spots and kill bacteria.

Gentle Scrub – Skin & Tonic London (£18.00)

So the once a week gentle exfoliate I mentioned earlier.. I love Gentle Scub from Skin & Tonic. Just as it says on the tin, it is incredibly gentle, making it ideal for teenage skin. A teaspoon (approx) in the palm of your hand and mix with a tiny amount of water to create a paste. If you want something a little more nutrient rich and hydrating than water, it can be mixed with yoghurt or honey for a creamier formulation.

When I was in my teens my skincare staples (when I could be bothered/remembered) were Cucumber Cleansing Milk and Carrot Moisturiser both from the mecca of 1990’s teen beauty The body Shop. There was also a little shop called Skinsense in my local town which stocked a range of natural beauty products which I also used however I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the brand and rows of bottles with green labels. The shop also stocked BWC make-up – quite innovative for a rural market town back then!

What were your teenage skincare secrets?


Images: (1) via Pexels; (2) Weleda; (3) Muji; (4) Konjac Sponge Company ; (5) Green People; (6) Skin & Tonic

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