Budget Beauty – Money Saving Tips

Given it’s the beginning of a new academic year, I initially wrote this post with students in mind but in retrospect, these are tips that can be used by anyone who are looking for ways to reduce their spending but are still concerned about what they are putting on their skin.

I’m not going to beat around the bush; Buying organic beauty products can be a costly thing and it’s a luxury that not all of us can afford, however living on a low income doesn’t mean you have to compromise your principles.

Here are some money saving beauty tips for those living on a reduced income or who are just wanting to tighten their belts…

Make your money go further and buy products during the sales. Every so often most skincare companies and stockists will have a sale or offer a discount code (especially if you are signed up to their newsletter!) so take advantage of these and stock up when you can. During Holidays seasons (summer, christmas, halloweens etc) or around Bank Holidays deals are generally for the taking so these are great times to restock, especially if you are counting the pennies. Love it or hate it, BlackFriday is a bargain shopping opportunity too with many stores having ridiculous discounts on their products!

Savvy shopping. Discount stores like TKMaxx often have a whole host of green beauty items in their skin and hair care section. I admit it does take a bit of patience rummaging through the all too often disorganised shelves and that you may not be able to get the specific brand you are after so take it as an opportunity to try out something new. You never know, you may just find a new favourite.

The beauty aisle in Supermarkets isn’t always the most obvious place to find organic products however some of the bigger chains (Waitrose in particular) now stock a selection of green beauty brands such as Neal’s Yard Remedies and Avalon. These products are heavily discounted on a regular basis so if you are looking to treat yourself then its worth taking a look every once in a while.

Whilst in the afore mentioned supermarket, don’t be afraid to browse the Baby Aisle and buy organic kids products. Beauty essentials like shower gel are found in the children’s aisle of a drugstore or supermarket and often at half the price of their adult targeted counterparts. Yes, they may be gentler on the skin but ultimately they are doing exactly the same job.

Of course possibly by far and away the cheapest option is to invest in a jar of Oil. Whether you favour Coconut (you can buy a litre of coconut oil for £7.49) or are happy using one of those found in many a kitchen cupboard (such as olive or sesame), oils can be great money saving alternatives to cleansers and can also be incorporated into many a DIY beauty recipe. The only thing I would suggest is to buy the best quality oil you can afford.

Which takes us nicely on to DIY Beauty. There is nothing more rewarding than making products yourself (a little light relief from the study) and it can also a great way to save money. Naissance sell a great range of  products which can form the basis of many DIY beauty recipes.

Whilst facial wipes aren’t generally the most cost effective method of cleansing but they do have their uses so if needs must then I suggest buying in bulk if you can afford it. The most versatile option are Water Wipes which besides being available in larger quantities, are always on offer somewhere if you are prepared to hunt around!

Choose a multitasking product wherever possible. If you can find products which do more than one thing then you are getting value for money. My go-to multi-tasker are the Dr Bronner Liquid Soaps; I use these for everything from hand washing to brush cleaning and even add a little to my fruit and veg if they need an extra clean (rinse well afterwards obviously). Another favourite is Weleda Skin Food (£7.95) has a multitude of uses: face mask, relieveing sore or irritated skin, softening dry skin, cuticle cream… the list goes on.

Don’t be afraid to try budget brands, there are some brilliant ones about. Faith in Nature (frequently found in TKMaxx) have an excellent range of products which are amazing value (for instance their shower gel is just £4.99 for 4ooml!). Other brands worth taking a look at are Laidbare, Sukin (also often found in TKMaxx) and Jason, all are great value for money.

Do you have any money saving beauty tips?


Images: (1, 2, 3) LJS – OMUA


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