Top Five: Gold Highlighters

One of the must have products of 2018 is a high impact, metallic gold highlighter from (singer) Rhianna’s cosmetics line Fenty Beauty. The cream to powder formulation which goes by the name of Trophy Wife, seems to have taken the beauty world by storm and I agree that it is a beautiful looking thing, however from an ingredients perspective it isn’t quite so impressive…

In recent years highlighters have gone from being the counterpart to a shader (note I say shader not contour – the former is a product which helps create the illusion of depth whilst the latter refers to the creative of a shape) to a product in their own right. Their light, bright or glowing appearance helps to give the illusion of height; lifting and enhancing points of the face in order to create the perfect bone structure.

Highlighters are now more often than not sold as stand alone products and frequently are used independently to a shader. Available in a variety of shades and finishes, highlighters are a fabulous way to subtly (or not so subtly) enhance the face and helping to give the skin a glowing, radiant finish.

If you are looking for some RiRi cheekbone inspiration then look no further. Here are my top five gold highlighters…

Golden Shine Organic Highlighter – Lavera (£9.90) (V)

A beautiful, high impact cream highlighter that gives a radiant golden glow to your skin. Golden Shine has a lovely creamy texture and feeds the skin thanks to the inclusion of a blend of nourishing organic jojoba, shea and cocoa butters. This highlighter looks particularly good on medium to darker skin tones or on those with a bit of a tan.

24 Karat Gold Dust – Jane Iredale (£15.00)

Gold Dust is a beautiful diamond pearlescent loose mineral pigment. It is super sparkly and can be used in a multitude of ways; as well as being a highlighter it can be used on the eyes and in the hair and even mixed with nail polish for a gold. Interestingly (and somewhat unexpectedly)  it does contain carmine so is sadly unsuitable for vegans.

Cosmic Dancer Illuminator – Ilia Beauty (£32.00) (GF)

This multipurpose highlighting stick is just stunning. The finish is dewy and slightly sheer and with no shimmer or glitter particles Cosmic Dancer still gives a beautiful golden hue – especially to olive skin tones. Packed with skin friendly ingredients such as shea butter, orange peel wax and antioxidant rich avocado oil, it feels beautiful and leaves the skin feeling loved.

Solar Gem Mineral Powder – Alva Natural Skincare (£7.50) (V)

A multipurpose mineral powder which really packs a punch; a bright gold powder with gorgeous golden satin finish. Apply using a dry brush for a bright golden glow however it is when it is mixed with a little water or mixing agent that it really comes into its own. A vibrant powder which is like a ray of sunshine.

Golden Glow Illuminating Face Shimmer – Nourish London (£18.00) (V, GF)

A favourite in my pro kit, Golden Glow Face Shimmer is a liquid highlighter formulated with light emitting Tonka Bean extract and gold mineral powders which gives the skin a beautiful glow; combined with skin healing aloe vera, tripeptides and hyaluronic acid, this highlighter does wonders for the appearance of the skin. Apply on the high points of the face or mix with your moisturiser or foundation for a beautiful finish.


Images: (1) Flickr, (2) Lavera; (3) Jane Iredale; (4) Ilia beauty; (5) Alva Natural Skincare; (6) LJS – OMUA

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