Festival Beauty Tips


The worlds largest greenfield festival Glastonbury kicks off this week (it is allegedly the size of Bournemouth!) and so I thought I would put together some low maintenance beauty hints and tips which may come in handy during your stay – regardless of whether you are dancing the night away or ankle deep in mud!

Here are my low maintenance festival beauty hints and tips…

Embrace a Dewy Base. A matte complexion is invariably high maintenance, keep things simple and opt for a finish will mean you don’t have to be constantly worrying about touch ups and looks good day or night! Consider using a tinted moisturiser or BB cream such as Madara Tinting Fluid, or Balance Me Natural Perfection BB cream. Alternatively Stratus Soft Focus Skin Perfector from Vapour Beauty can be used without foundation and brightening and evening the complexion whilst caring for the skin.

With the distance from your tent to your preferred performance areas potentially enormous, trips back to your canvas abode may be out of the question for much of the day. Pack minimal make-up to take out and about with you should you need to touch up – I suggest going Matchy-Matchy with one stick colour, tonal make-up. Choose one multipurpose product that works for eyes, lips and cheeks such as the Universalist Colourstick from W3ll People or Ilia Beauty’s Multistick.ILIABEAUTY_AFineRomance_01055ff7-5fe5-4055-b482-fb6adfe9d24b_grande

Festivals are one of the few occasions I would recommend a Waterproof Mascara (weddings, beach/pool holidays and water tank work would probably be my only other times). Sadly it isn’t currently possible to create an organic and waterproof lash product so I suggest Ere Perez Volumising Waterproof Mascara or the Waterproof formulation from Beauty Without Cruelty.

Eyeliner is a great way to add interest to the eyes whilst keeping things minimal however liquid liners can a pain to keep on top of so swap out and opt for a Kohl Pencil instead; not only does it give more versatility when it come to how you wear it but it means you can take a selection of shades whilst taking up very little space in your bag – a pencil liner still looks great smudged and dishevelled at the end of the night too! I love the Inika Organic Eyeliners (available in 8 shades), Benecos Natural Kajal (9 shades) and the Soft Pencil from Lavera.


If there are two things I couldn’t possibly be with out at a festival it would be Sanitiser and Wipes. The first is a staple in every bag I own and is ideal for those times when you feel you’ve spend enough time queuing for facilities (you do a lot of that) or you’re feeling sticky after yet another breakfast of fresh ring doughnuts (one of my partners many memories of Glastonbury ’92)… Dr Bronners Lavender Hand Spray is most definitely my favourite.

With the washing facilities somewhat oversubscribed and f you don’t fancy tackling the showers, you can’t wrong if you carry a pack of wet wipes with you. Neal’s Yard Remedies Facial Wipes would be my pick for make-up removal but baby wipes are arguably more versatile;  those by Jackson Reece and Beaming Baby are pretty good and aren’t too astringent for facial use.

Wherever you end up this festival season, have a good one and remember – don’t forget the SPF!




Images: Via Wikimedia Commons; Ilia Beauty; Benecos



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