Top 5: Lip Treatments

With many parts of the country enveloped in a white blanket, icy winds whipping around every corner, temperatures regularly sinking below 0ºc and the local drugstore running dangerously low on petroleum based lip protecting products, it is safe to say that winter is well and truly here..

Dry, chapped lips are part and parcel of winter for many people. Every winter without fail I go through a dry, chapped lip phase. Whatever I do and however I care for them it happens – and it sucks. I drink water, try not to lick my lips, wear lip balm but inevitably it will happen at some point between November and February.

Lips are covered with only very fine layers of skin and can lose up to 10 times more moisture than the rest of your face or body; Cold winds and wintery weather combined with dry air from central heating mean that your lips are more likely to dry out. It is very tempting to lick your lips when they feel dry but this can only exacerbate the problem.

From a truly natural perspective a little sugar and olive oil can work wonders but its not always the most practical solution for on the go lip care. That in mind, here are my Top Five natural and organic products for banishing and preventing dry, flaky lips…
(I’m excluding multipurpose healing balms and traditional lip balms from this selection)

Hurraw! Moonbalm Night Treatment Balm
You are probably sick to the back teeth of me mentioning this balm but its fab! Rich in seed and nut oils, its over-night restorative capabilities are second to none, despite it’s low price tag. A slick of this before bed and come morning your lips will feel rejuvenated.
£4.50 from CutECOsmetics     –
Ilila Beauty Balmy Nights Exfoliator*
Tiny granules of volcanic stone powder blended with a concoction of seed oils and waxes gently exfoliate, banishing any dry skin flakes from your lips and leaving them super-smooth. For those of you that hate getting your fingers dug into a pot of balm, the stick makes application quick, clean and easy – very handy when you are on the go, not just at night!
£22.00 from Content     –
Lush Sugar Lip Scrub
Another old favourite, this sugar scrub is fantastic for removing dry, flaky skin. Simply apply a small amount to your lips, rub them together and then lick it off. With a choice between the vivid pink Bubblegum or the creamy toned Popcorn; I personally favour the caramel-y scent of the latter – it’s darn tasty too…


£5.50 from Lush     –
REN Skincare Vita Mineral Lip Balm*
The newly formulated Vita Mineral Lip Balm is perfect for protecting, repairing and soothing. A great mid-priced product, rich in Shea Butter (one of the best ingredients for chapped lips) and anti-bacterial acacia honey (perfect for warding off any infections in the broken skin). Best of all you can pick it up on your local high street at any M&S or John Lewis store!
£9.00 from John Lewis/M&S     –
Tata Harper Be Fierce Hydrating Lip Treatment
If your christmas hasn’t completely broken your budget for the year then you must try this hydrating lip treatment from natural skincare guru Tata Harper. Packed full of things to make your lips happy such as soothing lavender and chamomile, healing calendal and the protecting antioxidants of green tea and acai oil. Hydrating, exfoliating and repairing, Be Fierce can be used alone as a night treatment or as a plumping base for lipstick during the day.
£21.00 from Content     –

What are your favourite lip treatments?

* Not suitable for vegans

Main Image: Courtesy of Agathe’ via Flickr
Body Images: Tata Harper, Lush, RENSkincare, Ilila Beauty and Hurraw! Balms

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