Louise Young Cosmetics Deluxe Small Powder Brush

My love for Louise Young Cosmetics brushes is well known and I can do nothing but eulogise about them. This said I do try to restrain myself from writing about each and every one, however this new addition to the collection was defiantely worth a mention.

The most recent addition to my ever-growing brush collection is the Deluxe Small Powder Brush from Louise Young Cosmetics, otherwise known as the LY49.

The LY9 is a beautiful natural* haired brush, the bristles are elegantly tapered and have a lot of play to them (by this I mean that they are very flexible and have scope to move freely rather than being densely packed). They are also supremely soft.

I cannot even begin to describe how soft these bristles are. In my recent round-up of new additions to my kit, I suggested they were akin to the soft tummy fur of a sleeping cat (you know when they curl up on their sides and curl their feet up to expose their tummies?)… It sounds odd (possibly a little twee) and may not be a workable tag line, but I stand by that and can’t honestly think of a better description.

Although a full sized brush, when it comes to weight the LY49 is probably one of the lighter members of the Louise Young complexion brush family. I was expecting a hefty make-up brush so I was a little surprised at its comparative lightness when I first picked it up.

Designed initially as a compact blush and loose powder brush, Louise told me that she had actually found it very handy for contouring when she was working on the XFactor final back in December.

Having used LY49 on a couple of jobs now; once for apply blusher and once for contouring and I have to say that I think I actually prefer it for the latter. Unlike denser brushes the loosely packed, pliable bristles mean that only a small amount of product is picked up and so a more subtle result is achieved – this brush would be great for more detailed loose powder work too.
Priced at £38.00 the LY49 Duluxe Small Powder Brush is admittedly not a budget buy but if you are in the market for a smaller complexion brush and have a flexible bank balance then it is defiantely worth considering.

Louise Young has been a highly successful Make-up Artist for over 20 years working in film, fashion, television and theatre. She regularly makes up some of the most famous people in the world and also lectures in media make-up throughout the UK. She has written HND and BTEC National Diploma courses in Media Make-up and currently contributes to various TV and radio programmes as well as working on some of the most popular films and TV series in the country.

*Not suitable for vegans (and it doesn’t really contain cat hair)

Main Image: Louise Young Cosmetics
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