Top Five: Gold Gloss

When Pat McGrath created the striking gold lips that appeared on the Spring/Summer ’16 Prada catwalk back in the Autumn, I’m not sure the wider world was quite ready. This futuristic trend appears to have been embraced however and so when Pat launched her 001 pigment earlier this year, it sold out within hours.

Whilst a solid 24 karat lip may not be for most of us, it is certainly a trend which lends itself to interpretation and for the most part less is most definitely more. Use gold as an accent colour rather than the main event; wearing it on its own for a subtle, understated wash of lip colour or on top of a much darker lip for added warmth and interest.

If you do dare to be bold and go with a solid lip gold lip colour then pair back the rest of your make-up and just stick to a little concealer and mascara and brush those brows!

Here are my Top Five gold lip glosses…

White Rabbit – Ilia Beauty (£20.00)
A gold glimmer with a hint of shimmer is how White Rabbit is described on the Ilia website and frankly I can’t think of a better description. One of my favourites in the gold gloss stakes, White Rabbit (as with all the Ilia glosses) contains up to 85% organic ingredients and is super nourishing.

Extreme Lipgloss #4 – W3ll People ($21.50)(GF)
Launched late last year, #4 is a translucent gloss with a lovely shimmering and naturally glossy finish.  This lip plumping formulation is based on peptide technology and contains volumising liquid crystals, hydrating coconut oil and soothing organic aloe; a truly high performance product.

Sparkling Foam (no.815) – Couleur Caramel (£16.00)
Sparking Foam is such a beautiful name and an equally beautiful shade; It reminds me of champagne. A near translucent gloss with a short gold shimmer, Sparking Foam (I had to write it again) has a high shine, glossy finish without a hint of stickiness!

Solar Eye Polish – RMS Beauty (£19.00)
Although not strictly speaking a lip gloss but I am a big believer in getting the most out of your products and so although Solar is an eye product it works just as well when applied to the lips. A sheer metallic cream in a warm, golden bronze tone, it gives a lovely light reflective finish.

Synth Lip Tar – Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (£11.50) (V, GF)
If you want something a little different then why not Synth? A beautiful metallic true rose gold; a brightened rosy copper with warm undertones. It has a slight translucency to it and so won’t look as opaque on the lip as it appears in the photo above.


Would you wear a gold lip?


Images: Kevin Tachman via; OCC; W3ll People; Courier Caramel; RMS Beauty; Ilia Beauty


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