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11749392275_4d3be119f1_zWe all love a little something extra, myself included and thats why I decided to create a monthly make-up newsletter (I hate using that word, I need to think of another). I first mentioned it a couple of months ago when I launched this new look site and at long last I have got around to sorting it out.

The newsletter (bulletin? no.) will be a monthly thing which will contain a whole heap of added extras which aren’t found on the blog including: in-depth make-up comparisons, newly released products and a whole heap more.

Its super easy to subscribe. Just follow the link below and pop your email in the box, alternatively find the subscription form in the sidebar (it looks like the image ↑).


Subscribe To My Monthly Newsletter


The first newsletter will go out in a month or so and of course I would appreciate your feedback when it comes out – good and bad :)

L x



Main Image: Courtesy of Richard via Flickr

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