On Screen: Panasonic Lamdash

A couple of years ago I worked on a male grooming shoot for Panasonic. As with many of these things it takes time to surface but I finally tracked down the final version, which from what I remember was shot for the Middle Eastern market.

For something that looks so simple, it was immensely tricky to shoot (and I remember a painfully long day). All shot on a macro lens, the model Luca Ribezzo had to remain perfectly still when the camera was rolling as the premise was that the contours of the face resembled a landscape.

At the beginning of the day we had to start with a 4mm long beard which was then removed for the later shots. With the shots being so close up it was vital that Luca’s skin looked great and the shave was super clean.

I began by prepping his skin, thoroughly cleansing using Madara Micellar Water to give the skin a once over before going in for a proper cleanse with Pai Hydrating Cleanser and then a light exfoliator (I can’t remember what I used on this occasion). Once this was complete I worked Pai Chamomile Calming Day Cream into the skin and then applied Skyn Iceland Cooling Eye Gels to perk up the under-eye area.

I tided his facial hair and trimmed it to the required length (I have a Babyliss iTrim which I used for this along with my cutting scissors and a pair of tweezers), before applying a small amount of Skin and Tonic Beard Oil. Post shave I applied Green People for Men Cooling Moisturiser.

Once all this was done I covered any blemishes and shadows with my Viseart concealer. Due to the extreme close up nature of the shoot (as you can see in the image above) I didn’t want to overload the skin with products (we were shooting on a 5k camera)  so I kept any make-up to a minimum although the fact we were shooting in black and white meant there was less pressure to balance out the skin tone than there would have been in colour.

Anyway, Enjoy! :)


Images: LJS – OMUA

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