On Screen: Moshi Monsters

It’s been an incredibly hectic few weeks and I haven’t really had a chance to spend much time writing so I though I would share a commercial I worked on a few years ago; a pretty simple hair and make-up job working with two children (I don’t hold with the never working with children and animals saying).

You may have seen that I recently posted an image on Instagram of some of the essentials I use when doing children’s make-up. With kids on camera, the key is to keep the make-up as natural and as minimal as possible, only using it where necessary; ensuring they look healthy and fresh faced.

I generally begin by cleaning the face with a water wipe (cast often come straight into make-up after breakfast and so I’m always prepared to remove toast crumbs and the like). I then moisturise the child’s face being going over any blemishes with a light concealer. If the brows need taming then I do this and then add a little cream blush if necessary just to give the skin a healthy glow. I then finish with a touch of lip balm and a light dusting of powder if needs be. It’s all pretty simple really.

This particular ad was aired a few years ago but thinking over the products I had in my kit back then I suspect the order of play went something along the lines of: Water wipes, Weleda moisturiser, Lavera brow gel, Une Beauty Breezy Cheeks Blush and Badger Balm lip balm. The image above are the make-up continuity shots from the day.


Images: (1, 2) LJS – OMUA
Film: Superhero via Vimeo

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