On Screen: Volkswagen Motability (part 3)

The third and final promo in the Volkswagen Motability series is by far and away my favourite and the one which genuinely brings a tear to my eye whenever I see it.. 


I cannot remember what products I used on either of these lovely ladies whatsoever as we were having too much fun  in the make-up trailer that morning!! Other than they both wore Kjaer Weis foundation and Ilia Beauty mascara, I am afraid I can’t be more specific beyond the regular products I use on almost every make-up – Viseart No1 Palette and Jane Iredale Beyond Matte HD powder. Sorry.

If you missed the first two films then you can find them here – Volkswagen Motability – Success and Volkswagen Motability – Brother & Sister

By the way if you have ever wandered how we film in-car shots then here we are… The camera and sound crew and 1st AD (they run the show on set) are all sat (in the cold) behind that big light on the low-loader. Make-up and other departments follow in vans behind (hence I managed to get this shot).


Images: A few behind the scenes shots – LJS

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