Zao Bamboo Make-up Palette

I love a good de-potting* session. It’s a highly therapeutic process which although occasionally tinged with frustration, is rewarding and more often than not results in a slightly lighter kit bag and slightly fewer individuals items (big pluses believe me!)

The Zao Bamboo Magnetic Make-up Palette (£16.50) is a reasonably recent addition to my kit and one which I am loving. A simple lightweight make-up case made of sustainable and renewable Bamboo, it not only looks good but it also is an incredibly ecological choice for your kit or make-up bag.

Perfect for holding refills or de-potted products in a pro kit or for keeping your daily make-up in when out and about (it has a mirrored lid for touch-ups). According to the product details the palette will hold either two or the larger Zao refills (powders, blushers or pressed powder foundation), four eye shadows or one larger refill and two eyeshadow – obviously this is a guide and other brands make-up pans may be a different size.

The palette is empty with no specific pan spacers/inserts which means most small to medium sized pans can be housed in it. The base is magnetic so metal products in make-up pans remain in place (you can purchase online sticky backed magnetic discs to apply to the base of aluminium pans) and small magnetic points in the lid ensure it remains securely closed.

My one moan is that annoyingly the palette is very slightly too small to hold my Jane Iredale pressed powders and bronzers, however there is a much larger version so this will almost certainly be included in my next Zao order.

How do you store your products?

*For those of you not in the know, de-potting is a term us ed to describe the decanting of a make-up or skincare product from its compact, bullet or pack and placing it into another palette or container. For anyone who’s interested I can pop a guide to how to do this on instagram.



Images: LJS – OMUA

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