LY Cosmetics Vegan Brushes

Today I thought I would share with you some exciting news in the make-up brush world – the Louise Young Cosmetics brush range is now entirely vegan!

I’ve known Louise for over twenty years and knowing I am a massive fan of the range, she kindly sent me a selection of her new brushes to try when the line relaunched – and they certainly don’t disappoint.

First up, the face brushes. Louise sent me three of the brushes from the face collection.

From left to right in the image above are LY05v – Large Powder Bronzer brush (£24.00) a soft, brush for applying and blending powder products; LY51v – Small Powder/Buffing Brush (£20.00), a lovely brush great for buffing and blending and LY49v – Deluxe Tapered Powder brush (£27.00).

The (non-vegan) original version of the LY47v was/is (I still have three of them) one of my favourite brushes from her range and I use it for applying blushers, bronzers and powders (loose and pressed). The vegan alternative is pretty similar in feel and weight and does equally a good a job as it’s predecessor.

Next up are the detail brushes; in other words lip and eye brushes.

Again from left to right are: LY46v – Super Blending Brush (£17.00), a lovely chunky brush for blending eyeshadows; LY14v – Socket Brush (£14.50) for applying and blending eye shadows in and around the eye socket. LY31v – Angled Brow Brush (£13.00), for applying products to the eyebrows and  LY24v – Fine Eyeliner Brush (£11.00), the perfect liner brush.

The final brush is the LY27v – Filbert Lip Brush (£15.00), which in my mind is possibly the loveliest lip brush of all time!

*     *     *

You’ll be unsurprised to hear that I love these brushes. The brushes hold and apply make-up just as well as any of their predecessors. They are lovely in the hand and the quality is second to none.

In all honesty I doubt the majority will notice any difference between these and the original brushes. Visually they haven’t changed a bit. The only difference being that there is now a small V next to the brush number on the handle…

What are your favourite vegan brush brands?


Images: (1, 2, 3) LJS – OMUA

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