Top Five: Essentials for Natural Looking Eyebrows

I am a big fan of a natural looking eyebrow. I love a full brow that hasn’t had too much tinkering and that comes across in many of my make-ups. Eyebrows frame your face. They strengthen, balance and define. They add character. They can also take years off you! A good set of brows can really help carry the rest of your look. Look at rugby players – they often spend their playing years (and more often than not, afterwards) eyebrow-less. Odd.

I love that full eyebrows are being embraced once again. Brooke Shields and Madonna had it right in the 1980’s and now they have made a comeback; thanks in part no doubt to the striking above-eye fur of Cara Delevingne.

I am generally not a fan of thin brows and I don’t particularly like them over penciled, over pruned or over coloured. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all up for a bit of plucking or threading as and when needed but for me it’s all about hair removal in moderation. I didn’t pluck my brows until I was 20 years old and only then because I was studying the cosmetic make-up element of my course; it never occurred to me. Now I have my eyebrows threaded very couple of months, however I am very tough on the (poor) lady who does them – tidy them yes but keep them rounded and full.
When it comes to make-up (mine or anybody else’s) I never use a pencil on eyebrows. My weapon of choice is the Rae Morris #18 Eyebrow brush and if the look or job requires anything beyond a comb though and sweep of clear gel to set them in place then it’s a Louise Young Angle brush and combination of matte eyeshows (or brow powders) all the way!
Here are my Top Five products and paraphernalia for creating naturally beautiful brows…

Suvana Pawpaw and Honey Balm
A real multipurpose product, the Suvanna balm is a mainstay of my kit. I’ve used it for everything from adding shine to a (make-up) black eye to moisturising dry lips. A tiny slick of this keeps brows smooth and tidy – without the need for petrochemicals!

Couleur Caramel Eyebrow Kit

Always having been a lover of using a matte eyeshadow to add colour or definition to the above eye area, I eshued the idea of a brow powder for years! What’s the point? Recently I’ve changed my tune and this is a new addition to my arsenal and I am really enjoying using it. Much more velvety in finish than a shadow, this neutral trio is a great choice for those who can’t quite bare to go completely without…

Lavera Style and Care Gel
I have had this brow gel in my kit for eons (my thoughts on it can be read here); It is a product I wheel out on pretty much every occasion. This clear gel is a multipurpose product that can be used to set and define brows and lashes and is great for male grooming jobs as well as taming wandering lady brows. There is a brown version which adds a little colour but this is a much more versatile product.
£10.50 from

Tweezerman Slant Tweezer

It may seem a cop-out but tweezers are an essential tool; even the most natural looking brows need a little tweaking now and again and these tweezers are (in my mind) the best for the job. These multiaward-winning Slants last for years, they are super sharp, super strong and are designed to grab every hair – The mini slant are super handy too!
£20.95 from

RMS Beauty Living Luminizer

Highlighter can be a fantastic addition to an eyebrow kit; adding a touch of highlighter to just beneath the brow will help to lift and illuminate the eye – especially as you get older. For the most natural look, choose a highlighter that gives just a slight glow to the skin rather than one with a shimmer (you could also add a touch to your cheekbones). I have a highlighters few in my kit but this is one of my favourites.
£30.00 from
I know this is the sixth in my Top Five but I had to include it.

The Eyebrow by Robyn Cosio

This is the brow bible. Written by celebrity Make-up Artist and brow specialist Robyn Cosio, this is the ultimate guide for anyone who wants to know anything (or everything) about brows. From fashions at the turn of the century to the present day, this book gives you a pictorial guide to the evolution of the eyebrow. If you are an eyebrow fanatic or interested in the history of fashions in make-up, it is well worth a read.
Priced from £13.00     –     Available from various online retailers

Last year I compiled a list of my Top Five brow and lash brushes. Check it out if you are looking for some fantastic grooming tools.

Main Image: courtesy of Johann Gulin via Flickr
Images Courtesy of: Couleur Caramel, Lavera, RMS Beauty, Tweezxerman, Suvana

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  • thanks for these tips! I love the Suvana balm, but I never would've thought to use it on my brows!! ♥ Would love if you stopped by for a chat!ReplyCancel

  • Lovely post! I have an issue with my thin brows and am having a hard time finding a good brow powder and pencil to fill in spare areas to sculpt and shape. It is especially hard finding the right color since I am a red head! Any suggestions would be super helpful!!ReplyCancel

  • It's great stuff – although you only need a smidgen. So handy and has a myriad of uses :)
    Laura xReplyCancel

  • Thank you, I am so pleased you liked it. It is always great to hear :)
    Une Beauty do a brow pencil that is a great 'red' shade – B06. It may be worth taking a look at.
    With regards to brow powder I suggest trying out a couple of different matte shadows to find one you are happy with. Beware of using too 'red' a shade as this will look very unrealistic.
    I hope this helps, feel free to get in touch if you have any more questions :)
    Laura xReplyCancel

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