How To: Wear Coloured Mascara

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned my love of the new W3ll People Expressionist coloured mascaras and I had a few people get in touch asking me how to wear them. So here we are.

Coloured mascara is back and although maybe not for everyone, there are ways to wear it without taking you too much outside of your comfort zone.
If the idea of wearing coloured mascara makes you uncomfortable then here are my safe (and not so safe) ways to wear it…
  • Keep it simple. Coloured mascara is a statement in itself so don’t go overboard on the other areas of your make-up. It wears best with a neutral or pale eyeshadow (or none at all) and if you keep your base natural and fresh looking with a touch of colour on the cheeks. Most importantly define your brows!
  •  Don’t be matchy matchy. Avoid using the same colour mascara and eyeshadow (i.e blue with blue). This looks super dated and also very busy. Stick to a neutral or complementary shade of shadow instead.
  • Although anyone can wear any colour (rules are meant to be broken, right?), if you are not wanting to make too much of a statement, then choose a complimentary shade. Blue mascara is a must if you have blue eyes. Try No.3 Blue from Dr Hauschka if you are looking for a navy or No.4 Blue from Couleur Caramel for something a little brighter. Purple or plum mascara looks fantastic on green or brown eyes, so why not give  W3ll people Expressionist Pro or Couleur Carmel No.2 Plum a whirl?


  • Try adding colour to the very tips rather than down the whole lash shaft (applying a black or dark mascara to the length of your lashes and then touch the tips with another shade). This will add understated detail to your make-up or a pop of colour if you opt for a brighter colour.
  • Add a colour twist. Apply coloured mascara to just the bottom lashes for a quirky twist on the conventional – you have to bold for this one! Try Emerald Green from Zuii Organic
  • For real impact match your mascara to your eyeliner.  It gives a really dramatic finish.
  • If you still aren’t convinced then check out some lower-key colours such as Asphalt Jungle or Macao from Ilia Beauty or Pearl Anthracite Volume Mascara from Dr Hauschka.
How do you feel about coloured mascara? Is it something you’d wear?
Images: Via; Couleur Caramel
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