G Is For…

We really are cracking though these. This month, natural and organic make-up brands beginning with the letter G…

Who Are They? Im sure they need no introduction but Green People are one of the UK’s biggest and best known natural and organic beauty companies – founded twenty years ago!
Eco-Credentials: Soil Association and ECOCert certified, cruelty free, free from pretty much every nasty you could think of. Some vegan products and all are Vegetarian Society approved.
The Products: We all know GP for their fantastic range of skincare products however they also do an excellent line in make-up. They offer predominantly eye make-up, however also have a selection of lip products, pressed powders and a blusher and relatively new to the collection, a DD Cream.
Favourite Products: Green People mascara is a product I return to again and again (in fact I have one on the go at the moment!). I’m also a big fan of their DD Cream and the recently released Lipstick is a fabulous easy to wear colour.

Who Are They? US based Gressa is a luxury skincare company who have created a line of products inspired by traditional apothecary methods.
Eco-Credentials: Vegan friendly, certified organic ingredients
The Products: A small collection of base, eye and lip products with some beautiful shades amongst them. Each Gressa product is made from the highest quality raw ingredients and all are housed in beautiful amber glass bottles.
Favourite Products: Gressa have only recently become available in the U.K (they are now available in  Alyaka), so I have yet to try any of the range however I am fascinated by the Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation so this is definitely on my wish list.


As ever, if you think of any I’ve missed then please shout out :)


Images: (1) OMUA-LJS; (2) Green People; (3) Gressa


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