Top Five: Reasons To Go Organic

Happy Organic September!

It only seems like a couple of months ago that I was pledging to clean up my household cleaning products but here we are again. If its new to you then Organic September is a month-long, annual initiative organised by the Soil Association aimed to encourage individuals to choose organic products (either food, household products, clothing, beauty and much more) over non-Organics; even just swapping one product makes a difference, however small…
Each year I try to make a concerted effort to clean up something else in my life. Last year as I mentioned it was cleaning products and although it’s not a 100% success rate, I’ve done pretty well – so what this year?

We already have a predominately organic food cupboard /fridge and of course all the beauty products are so. For years I’ve tried to only buy organic cotton clothes for myself and my daughter if buying new (fairly traded, eBay or vintage otherwise) – although this is an idea which has yet to be latched onto by the other half but I’m working on it.

What next..? I’ll update you when I’ve decided but answers on a postcard please :)

If swapping your conventional beauty products for organic alternatives is something that you are considering but you aren’t completely convinced then take a look at the following. It may just change your mind.

Here are my my top five reasons to go organic with your beauty products this September (in a nutshell I might add)…

No Animal Testing

Regardless of weather you are vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan or a meaty, choosing certified organic beauty products means you are guaranteed that at no stage in the manufacturing process have animals been used to test products or ingredients – this is of the stipulations of all organic certifying bodies. There is of course the sticky point of carmine and beeswax in some products however this is a different issue so I am not bring this into play in this post (but I have here)- today at least..

Avoid Harmful Ingredients

Let’s be honest here, there are a lot of unsavoury ingredients in the majority of conventional beauty products. Formaldehyde, petroleum and mineral oils, synthetic chemicals and dyes, parabens; the list goes on – there are many, many more. When applied to the skin (by way of a body lotion for example), these chemicals are absorbed into the bloodstream and with long-term use can build up in the body. By choosing organic make-up, skin, hair and body care you are actively reducing your exposure to those potentially harmful ingredients.

Protect The Environment

Organic farming methods are much better for the environment than non-organic. The use of pesticides and fertilisers in farming can have disastrous effects on surrounding wildlife and plant life not to mention the local ground water courses. By not using them, natural habitats are preserved and biodiversity increases and the threats to insects and other wildlife (such as bees) are significantly reduced. Organic farming also almost guarantees a higher standards of animal welfare with animals being subject to fewer antibiotics and there are more stringent checks on every aspect of their life from birth to slaughter.

Products Have Improved

Gone are the days when using organic products meant that you got chalky, flat colour or a lavender scented body lotion (not that there is anything wrong with lavender, I love the stuff!!). Innovations in product formulation means that today’s organic beauty products can be as effective as many of the conventional brands in both performance and colour; sometimes more so!

More Nourishment

Organic beauty products tend to be higher in nutrient rich ingredients such as plant oils and nut butters (I’m thinking shea and cocoa rather than peanut ;). These beneficial ingredients are an excellent source of nourishment and powerful antioxidants which leave your skin protected and feeling super smooth without exposing you to any unnecessary nasties.


These are just five of the reasons why choosing organic products is a great idea. What changes a really you making this September?

P.S. I told you it was in a nutshell ;)


Images: (1) Soil Association; (2) Natural England; (3) Alvin Katek; (4) Pimthida; (5) Noj Han ; (6) Meaghan

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