Duped!: MAC Lady Danger

I am a little obsessed with lip colour at the moment and whilst playing around with some colours recently, I discovered the perfect dupe for one of the most popular conventional lipsticks on the market. It’s been a good while since I have written a Duped! post so had to share…

Whats the original? MAC Lipstick Lady Danger (£15.50)
Lady Danger is a favourite of MAC make-up lovers. A vivid bright coral red (not quite tomato and not quite tangerine) with a matte finish, Lady Danger is a shade which looks great on medium to darker skin tones – although I know many a blonde who gives it a whirl too!

What’s the dupe? Bite Beauty Creme Lip Crayon Clementine ($24.00 – roughly £16.00)
Described as a citrus orange, Clementine is a brightened medium orange red with warm undertones and a semi-matte finish. A shade which makes an impact on fairer skin tones (I love it for a night out – and I have red hair!) and looks great or medium to darker skins.

What did I do? To ensure I was fair, I applied both lipsticks using a brush and with no other products (just bare skin) and wore them all day without reapplying. I applied a half and half application to my lips (Left and right side) to ensure even wear.

What’s the colour difference? In daylight there is very little difference between the two shades. On initial application Lady Danger appeared slightly more saturated in colour however after an hour or so of wear there is very little difference in the colour payoff and finish.

How do they wear? I wore them for the day and carried on as usual. I ate my lunch (a cheese and tomato sandwich with herby olives for anyone interested) a couple of hours after applying and both lipsticks wore away a similar amount on my bottom lip. The top lip remained pretty much in tack.  I then rubbed my lips together to transfer some of the top lip colour onto the bottom lip rather than reapplying. By the end of the day (after 6 hours) my lips looked like this:

Not a huge deference in colour or wear.

Just before we lost the bulk of the light (around 7pm) I took a final photo on my phone hence the difference in size/picture quality. IMG_9385

Obviously there is now considerably loss of colour but after 8 hours it’s not bad considering neither have been topped up.

So which is which?

Any alternatives? Annoyingly almost as soon as I discovered this doppleganger I also discovered that it appears to be not longer available… Looking at what is available currently in the Bite Beauty range you could try Rosehip with is a slightly warmer tone or Blood Orange for a slightly orange-ier finish.

Would you swap out MAC for a Bite Beauty alternative? Which products would you like to see Duped!?


Images: Laura Jane Sessions – Organic Make-up Artist

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