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Knowing which make-up brands are out there can be a mine field at the best of times but when you are making the transition to clean beauty, it can be even harder to know what is available. In this A-Z series, I aim to create a comprehensive resource of the natural and organic make-up brands available on the market around the world. Over the course of 26 posts, I’m sure one or two may slip through the net so please feel free to shout out if I have missed somebody out!!

A Is For…

Who Are They? A french eco-lux brand established in 2009.
Eco-Credentials: Certified organic by ECOCERT; Donate 2% of their profits to Care International
The Products: Although their skincare is pretty damn good, they are probably best know (certainly in the UK) for their awsome organic semi-matte lipsticks (the very reason they are on this list). A collaboration between Absolution and Make-up Artist Christophe Danchaud (best know for his fabulous work with the beautiful Marion Cotillard), the result is Safe and Sweet Kiss, a collection of twelve lipsticks which are utterly beautiful and available in a range of reds, pinks and nudes.
Favourite Products: It’s hard to say which are my favourite shades – I love them all!

Who Are They? An organic and vegan cosmetics company Based out of Oregon.
Eco-Credentials: Member of PETA’s Beauty with Bunnies program; financial supporter of Orangutan Foundation International
The Products: Twenty two moisture rich lipsticks in a variety of vibrant, fun and quirky shades. These lipsticks feel beautiful on the lip and look lovely on; I guinea pigged a couple of my colleagues at work recently (neither having hear of the brand before) and they both were raving about them – I think a sale has since ensued!
Favourite Products: I am currently loving Bad and Attitude but this will no doubt change soon!!

Who Are They? A modern mineral make-up line hailing from the US
Eco-Credentials: A carbon neutral company; Member of 1% for the planet making charitable donations to grassroots projects.
The Products: I’m a relative newbie to this mineral make-up line but have to say that I’ve been impressed with the products I have tried so far. Alima Pure have a fairly extensive range of loose and pressed powder and cream based products which are available in a wide variety of shades (including some for darker skin tones).
Favourite Products: I love the mineral eyeshadows, they are beautiful. I have yet to try any of the creator pressed powder products but these are definitely on the spectrum.

Who are they? A German skincare and cosmetics line established in Germany in 1988
eco-credentials: certified organic by Ecocert; approved by PETA
The products: Alva offer a small range of organic and vegan make-up (it is carmine free!). They are the first European cosmetics brand to use research-proven beta glucan in their makeup products; making it particularly suitable for those with sensitive skin.
Favourite Products: I’m a big fan of their Green Equinox loose mineral pigments and their baked bronzers! Previous Posts: Previously I have written about their Baked Bronzer and their BB Cream.

Who are they? A budget beauty brand found only (to my knowledge) in the German supermarket chain DM.
Eco-credentials: Certified natural by NATRUE
The Products: having studied it for less than a year, my German is not all that; I speak about 6 sentences and can count to 12, but certainly can’t read, write or understanda word of it! The gist I get from the DM website (via Google Translate) is that they use botanical ingredients to offer a small but comprehensive range of colour cosmetics – many of which are vegan friendly.
Favourite Products: I have yet to try anything from the range so would be interested to hear your thoughts.

Who are they? Launched in 2012, Avril is a French organic make-up brand.
Certified organic by ECOCERT
The Products:
With a small but pretty comprehensive collection, Avril have established a fabulous range of make-up products which sits firmly at the affordable end of the market. Although they are very much marketed women as a whole, I think their product line makes an ideal introduction to clean make-up for younger consumers.
Favourite Products: My favourites from the collection include the eyeliners (liquid and pencils) and the eye shadows which are super smooth!
Previous Posts: One of my Top Five French Brands, they have also received a mention in the following posts: Top Five grey EyeshadowsVegan Eyeshadow PalettesStrobing For Every Skin Tone.


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