Vegocentric Lipstick from Lippy Girl

vegocentric1-500x500If you are on the hunt for a range of vegan lipsticks which are also organic (and wildcrafted) then I’m guessing not many names spring to mind. What about..? No. There is always … No…. Not many came to mine either when I sat down and thought about it. Carmine and beeswax free lipsticks are somewhat thin on the ground…

Lippy Girl Vegocentric Lipsticks (£12.50) are just that however and the twelve lipsticks in this vegan friendly collection form the backbone of the Lippy Girl cosmetics range founded by Vancouver based Chemistry teacher and ex-model Darcey Diehl.

The lipsticks are formulated using certified organic Castor Seed Oil, Jojoba seed oil, Carnauba Wax (replacing the beeswax), and Shea Butter; all of which create a creamy and super nourishing product. The inclusion of Shea Butter does mean that you have a product which is a little softer than you may like, however careful application from a not-too-wound-up bullet should avoid any potential mishap.

Fairly sheer on initial application I have found that the lipsticks seem to need a little layering to ensure a reasonable coverage, with the brighter shades need a bit more building up. On the lip (and once built up) they last around three to four hours before needing a top up.

img_2655(Top-Bottom: Schmoopy; Fancy Pants; Surf Betty; Abraca-Bam)

Natural mineral pigments are used to create the shades (no carmine here!) and the lipsticks all have fun and somewhat out there names such as Ski Bunny, Son Of A Brick and Abaca-bam. I currently have four of the twelve shades (pictured above) and the stand out for me of these is Schoompy, a slightly lilac toned nude.

The lipsticks are housed in recycled aluminium tubes which are satisfyingly sturdy and have that reassuring click on opening and closure. I love a good click when I’m done with a lippy!

Have you tried Lippy Girl lipstick yet?

Images: (1) Lippy Girl; (2) Organic MUA

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